Using Networkmanager Instead of the Network default in Arch

I've been using networking in Arch by default. It is quite sufficient
since I have a wired network and this is a residential desktop. But
since the whole point of using Arch is to learn I have decided to use
Networkmanager to simulate what ordinary laptop users will have to do to
get connections from mobile sources for example.

So to download the necessary packages, I did:

$ pacman -S networkmanager network-manager-applet

as well as:

$ pacman -S dhclient modemmanager dnsmasq

There's still a little tweak that must be done first to make this work.
First open /etc/rc.conf and go to Daemons to edit the array. Make sure
to remove networking and add networkmanager. Place it after dbus to
enable applications which will need internet connection to get
information from network manager. So I have mine like so:

Daemons={...dbus networkmanager ...}

This will ensure that network manager will work at every boot.

I did open GNOME network connection gui too. I made sure it is using
opendns. Click Wired/or whatever your network name is and then edit.
Under ipv4 tab, make sure it is Addresses Only in the dropdown button.
Enter the dns servers:

Save your settings.

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