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Goodbye XP

Microsoft finally made a decision about when they will put XP down. They are pulling out support for the operating system and leaving customers with Vista. If you have XP installed now, I don't know until when Microsoft will offer support for it. Everyone has been guessing that XP will get a reprieve but as always they are forcing customers to adopt Vista.

Out of fear, loathing and anger about the business practices of Microsoft, I have decided long ago to switch to Linux. I google my way to Linux and found Ubuntu. It has been more than a year since I made the switch more permanent by wiping out XP from the hard drive and installed Ubuntu Linux with (back then) apparent audacity.

Installing Ubuntu today is an easier act than installing XP, I did my own installation of XP and reinstalled several times because of malware and other pc problems. Ubuntu comes with a new version every six months, and I do a new install everytime. It gets easier to install Ubuntu everytime. Maybe …