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Audacious Music Player Replaces Rhythmbox

I've settled down on using Audacious as my music organizer and player. I
like it because it plays my music using playlists. The default playlist
is generated from the Music directory. So every time you add tracks you
just refresh and the list is updated. Then I just make playlist as I go
along. There's a very nice search function too. What sold me is the
excellent equalizer and gstreamer/codecs. I have yet to run an unknown
music file, something it cannot play.

Ubuntu's Plan to Go Rolling Distro

There is a proposal that's being debated within Canonical's developers of the Ubuntu Linux distro which if implemented will turn the regular 6 month development cycles into a rolling distro model. It will keep the Long Term Support versions which is released every two years and supported for five years.

If this plan is implemented, how will it affect me?

I dual boot Arch linux and Ubuntu. I upgrade Ubuntu whenever a new version is released so that means I upgrade every six months. Arch linux is a rolling distro and one of the reasons I dual boot Ubuntu is because I deemed it more "stable" than Arch. This setup lets me play with a cutting edge rolling distro but also let me keep Ubuntu as a safety net.

Now that the two are going the rolling distro model...well you can see where I am going. I probably should look for the traditional distro where they release when it's ready. I could probably keep Ubuntu (the rolling distro) and play with it if I find that trad…

Venture Out

I reinstalled my operating system many times before. I probably didn't
need to if i just knew what to do and if I didn't make mistakes trying
to undo previous mistakes. I reinstall because I'm in to deep into
trying out solutions to my original problem and digging myself out will
just take a lot more time than if I reinstall.

In any case, reinstalling seemed like a cop out for something as elegant
as the Linux operating system. I believe this enough that I dual boot
two linux distros, Ubuntu and Arch. I use Ubuntu because it follows a 6
month development cycle and then use the final version until the next
cycle produces the next version. This means it is stable and secure for
the set time. I dual boot it with Arch because I want to learn more of
linux by using a different distro.

Arch is a rolling distro which means it updates packages more
frequently. It tends to be less stable and prone to bugs. In fact it
feels like users are testing packages a…