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Do You Hear Bells Ringing?

Satellite photos indicate an island of ice four times the size of Manhattan broke off from the Petermann Glacier.  This satellite image was taken last thursday.

Human Rights 101

The following video footage of the Indonesian military capturing a Papuan freedom fighter in the remote hills of Papua New Guinea gives us pause on what we mean by human rights. It also gives us an opportunity to defend what we believe belongs to all of us and not just to some of us. Warning: nsfw

The Power Of Images

World Meets HIV AIDS In this photo from left to right, David Kirby (lying in bed), Bill Kirby, his father, Kay Kirby, his mother.  If you look closer near the bottom right corner you will see a Benetton ad logo.  This version of the photograph is colorized from the original by Benetton for their ad campaign in 1992. The disembodied hand coming out of the left side is from Peta, a caregiver at Pater Noster House where David's family decided to care for him.  Peta is half-american, half-native american indian.  Peta was HIV-positive at that time but he would soon die of AIDS as his disease progressed. As the world's debate raged over lifestyle, morality and this "gay disease", the absolute message of this image is that no one deserves to die alone.