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The Martian "Watch"

The Martianis Mark Watney an astronaut left behind on Mars with meager resources. 

He has to solve many problems of human survival on another world. He has to breathe air, but the atmosphere on Mars is very thin. He needs water, but accessible drinking water on Mars comes from biological processes he has to maintain. He needs food, enough to last until rescue arrives from Earth. Of course, Mars won't cooperate with plans and things go south, things explode and Mark Watney makes mistakes. 

What strikes me about The Martian is they didn't turn this into a drama about science. Mark Watney dances around, the script is light and the relationship between NASA employees and the astronauts were down to earth. There were running jokes about mission commander's taste in music (disco) and the bull* is present in the conversation. I guess the astronauts weren't gods after all.
The movie didn't depart from the book by Peter Weir. All the science are intact even the NASA speak.The…

CNN Content Organized Automatically

Due to the Paris attacks today I immediately turned to CNN and my attention is quickly drawn towards the video as always with breaking news. Then my brain wants some answers and I scan down to the text.

When I scan down the video/media content moves to the side where I can still watch it. Here's a good reason why web sites track our habits when we visit them. The tragic events in France remains the center piece of it, but also providing needed context and information.

App For A Web Site

You can create an "app" from a website. The practical use of this feature is with your blog site. I created an app from my wordpress and blogger web site. You just need to open the wordpress page or blogger page in Chrome. Then click the menu icon on the right corner, choose tools then Add to Desktop.  Choose an appropriate name for your app. Perhaps something short and unique.  Once created the app for the web site is easily launched from your applications.  Ok. Another suggestion is to create an app specifically for creating new post. Again, open and navigate to your web site's new post / create new post page in Chrome. Click the menu icon, choose tools and Add to Desktop. Whenever you get that itch to tap a sentence or paragraph for a post, you can just launch the app for your web site.

Food and Utilities Graphical Analysis

Two of the most important part of expenses, Food and Utilities,  requires understanding. 

Most of the data points averages between 7,000 - 7,500. That is 230 to 250 pesos a
day for two persons. 

Utilities include electricity, water, phones, internet service. Overall utilities have gone down over the 4 year period. It averages below 5,000 now.  --

Income Profit Expense October 2015

Happy holloween everybody.  Some unexpected repairs in October and some re-stocking of supplies at this time increased expenses. 

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dnf repolist After Upgrade To Fedora 23

bash-4.3$ dnf repolist all RPM Fusion for Fedora 23 - Nonfree 39 kB/s | 218 kB 00:05 determining the fastest mirror (3 hosts).. done. Fedora 23 - x86_64 - Updates 27 kB/s | 4.8 MB 02:58 RPM Fusion for Fedora 23 - Free - Test Updates 35 kB/s | 205 kB 00:05 Fedora 23 - x86_64 21 kB/s | 43 MB 34:02 RPM Fusion for Fedora 23 - Free 79 kB/s | 738 kB 00:09 RPM Fusion for Fedora 23 - Nonfree - Test Updates …

Upgrade, Update and Keeping In Touch

I try to remember not to sign my email blogs as this blog posting
method(Thunderbird) does not remove the encryption characters. I always
sign outgoing email. The last time I forgot, I had to go to the blog
website and edit the post then update.

I finished upgrading from F22 to F23 on the day F23 is suppose to be
released. They released it all right, just like they say they would. But
I started downloading 2 days before, and I have F23 the next day. I just
did an update today - a modest update of about 150 MB of packages.

Here's GNOME 3.18 on Fedora 23 Today. (above)
If you're wondering about the number of opensuse emails, I subscribe to
a lot of fora - debian, ubuntu, opensuse, archlinux, and fedora. I like
to keep in touch.

Donato Roque
Blogger since August 2007.
Linux user since 2004.
Fedora 23 kernel 4.2.3 GNU/Linux

Upgrading Fedora 22 To Fedora 23

Upgrading from Fedora 22 to Fedora 23 is a command line away.

#dnf system-upgrade download --releasever 23

The command will download upgradeable packages from f23 repos. Note
this does not include application from third party like in my case
megasync client. What it include are packages from RPM fusion, which
means your codecs and packages you downloaded from the repo.

After the download is complete you can reboot.

#dnf system-upgrade reboot

The reboot process will automatically install Fedora 23.

Finally clean the cache with

#dnf system-upgrade clean all

Donato Roque
Blogger since August 2007.
Linux user since 2004.
Fedora 23 kernel 4.2.3 GNU/Linux

Upgrading Fedora 22 To Fedora 23

Happy Fedora 22 user here and quite surprised after trying to upgrade to the next version of Fedora.

I'm expecting that the upgrade won't go because the Final release is on the 3rd Tuesday but I was fiddling with the terminal and the dnf command. So i did:

#dnf system-upgrade download --releasever 23

expecting, as I said, to get an error. But lo and behold! It connected to the Fedora 23 64 bit repos and calculated what packages to download for my system.

It then gave me the packages to be downloaded from the Fedora 23 repos including the RPM Fusion repos. Yes they are ready this time.

It started downloading the upgrade packages!
I can't download 2.5 GB right now. So I watched for a while and decided to pause the operation until I can get a better internet speed later in the day. I'm in that area where the time of day affects the speed of the connection.

I'm under no illusion that this is the Fedora 23 Final Release. They won't release until the 3rd. So I'…