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Troubleshooting Some Problems

I got this nebulous challenge about my webcam. It seems in Ubuntu 13.10,
the webcam decides on its own when it wants to work. I use it on my
skype calls with Mother. I also use it once or twice in Google hangouts
with friends. I downloaded cheese just to test if it works fine. It
works off and on in a span of one session. How do you figure this one out?

The unity panels crashes often or it's missing icons now and then.

The Thunderbird email application has rendering issues. Some texts goes
white and turns back on after I move over my mouse. The lightning add-on
stopped working the other day. I assumed it's Google Calendar refusing
to give it permission or it's down. I happen to find the solution to
this problem from the ubuntu forums. It seems the latest version of the
add-on doesn't work in linux. The solution is to revert to an older
version of the add-on. I had to disable the automatic update for the
add-ons unfortunately.

Equalizer plugin for Rhythmbox doesn't …

Ubuntu 13.10 Smooth Install

Four days after a terrible Magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Bohol and Cebu in the Central Visayas, I'm looking forward with hope to a new version of Ubuntu linux. This version is a little thin in new features but the dash will come with more speed and stability and a lot more scopes.

I'm liking the feature which enables me to sample/play my music right there when i'm searching it. I assume it's using rhythmbox without the gui, running in the background I suppose.

I'm still in awe of nouveu, the open source nvidia driver. I thought I'd never see the day when open source can really say "fuck you" to proprietary graphics driver. But it can now!

Upgrading to Ubuntu 13.10

I've decided to download Ubuntu 13.10 via torrent as soon as the release is available. That happened around 20:00 17-October. This is heavy internet traffic here. I checked my current system status with Updater and it has a few last minute updates for Ubuntu 13.04. So I updated 13.04. But the servers aren't ready yet for a upgrade to 13.10.

Around 1:00 18-October I checked Updater again and it has some security updates for X-org. I let it update and Canonical's servers offered to upgrade my system to Ubuntu 13.10.

New Yahoo! Mail

I got an email from the Yahoo support regarding updates to my email contacts. They're cleaning inactive contacts. Nice to hear from them. I created this email back in 2003 and around 2006 decided to mothball it because they don't extend features to free accounts like spam filters. I've had problems with too spams and email security for the free accounts are virtually non-existent.

That policy is changing I guess.

I am looking at the new email user interface now and there are a lot of changes. The spam filter is working good. They're giving me 1 TB of storage for the emails. Flickr did this too a few months back. Well done Yahoo!

I'm happy to add that exclamation point in there too.