Friday, March 22, 2013

Back To Liferea

Google Reader is dead. I'm back to using Liferea.

This desktop application was my go to tool back when I was a desktop hardcore. I can't trust Google and I can't trust the Cloud. Maybe this is why I'm keeping my PC closer than my tablet or phone.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fix For Skype Not Starting In Raring Ringtail (13.04)

This fix was from Dmitry Pankratov at Launchpad.

I have the same problem as many in the thread. Dmitry posted a script as a workaround. The problem with Skype involves the nvidia driver, so if you're using the open source graphics driver you shouldn't be experiencing this.

The script loads mesa driver to be used by Skype.

If you want to solve this problem for all users, then change permission for /usr/bin/skype.

$ chmod 0755 /usr/bin/skype

It works.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Raring Ringtail Is Outstanding

I installed 12.04 Ubuntu Unity last year. It is awesome as always. Then October came and I upgraded to 12.10 using the upgrade tool. There were additional lenses or scopes that came with this version. Unity dash is slower and there are frequent freezes when I use the dash search because it takes time to populate the images / icons.

Unity is annoying in 12.10. It is suppose to make life easier but it fails to deliver. A few days before the beta release of 13.04 I decided to upgrade again. Raring Ringtail is alpha but I heard that it is ready. Was I glad I took the plunge.

Raring is ready. I lost skype but no big deal. No freezes when I use the dash search and there are additional lenses / scopes. A few icons like the home folder and the updater are replaced with new ones. There's a new version of the linux kernel used here,, as of Saturday. I am using nvidia driver 304.0. There are a few instances when the desktop crashes coming out of sleep. I move the muse and I get a black background with a moving mouse cursor. I wait a few seconds and my desktop is restarted. It could be a glitch.

I have a chromium problem. After checking things out and looking at the logs, I believe the problem is with a restrictive enforced apparmor profile. After putting the profile to complain, chromium browser is starting again. I can live with this set up. I checked the apparmor status and the chromium plugins (flash and javascripts) are still in enforce status. Chromium browser has a built in sandbox for each tab anyway.

In short Raring Ringtail is ready for use but watch out for surprises since technically it is still in development and there could be any unreported bugs yet. My personal use tells me it is going to be an outstanding release in April.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Argo presents a story that happened behind a very public hostage taking of american embassy personnel during the Iranian revolution. It might have been compared to Zero Dark Thirty, which is also a film about actual events. The latter is a film about the hunt and killing of Osama bin Laden. The former is about a group of american embassy staffers who made it out just in time to see their colleagues blindfolded and taken hostage by Iranian revolutionaries.

Argo gives us compassionate heroes, spies willing to sacrifice their careers and scared people coming through in the end.  Argo is not precise military operations. Argo is a cover for extracting six Americans in the midst of revolutionary Iran. Argo is fake film making, Argo is a film about a fake movie. There lies the irony.

Acting in and directing Argo is Ben Afleck. He plays Tony Mendez, as CIA officer, along with Alan Arkin and John Goodman. His character created a fake Canadian production film crew to smuggle six American embassy employees who somehow escaped the storming of the embassy by an Iranian mob. 

The plan involved flying the group out through the airport using Canadian passports. It worked. It is a very nice story. It is a feel good story. And it really happened.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Intel Graphics Driver Installer

It looks like Intel has provided a graphics driver installer for Ubuntu and Fedora.

Has any one tested this? I can't make it work though. I have Ubuntu 32 bit.

Monday, March 11, 2013

I Say Go (Rolling Release) Ubuntu

Changes are happening very quickly in Ubuntu land. The changes are needed to attain goals of putting out an operating system for a lot platforms - from desktops, smartphones, netbooks to tablets. The current proposal is:

- a shift to rolling release for interim releases (this won't affect ubuntu 13.04 this April 2013)

- continue to release interim releases but support them until the next interim release comes along

- do interim releases once every month

This thing has happened before remember. Chrome browser started the quick pace of development with the browser. Mozilla has to follow the same if they want Firefox to stay relevant. For now Firefox is holding its own. Maybe even outdoing the Chrome team. Have you used Firefox 19.0? Wow.

A rolling release is very much like walking, if you think about it. One throws their body forward in the air (unstable) and moves one foot forward to catch it (stable) before their face hits the ground. Unstable, yes. Gravity will not give you a break. A rolling release is always one software update away from breakage. Mark Shuttleworth is correct to say that a rolling release is no release at all.

Is it fun to use? Hell, yes. I have Ubuntu and Arch linux in a dual boot and I confess I use Arch more because it's fun using it. If the Ubuntu team can pull this rolling release off, hey. You don't give a technical challenge to this guys. You'd lose.

What about regular users? Whenever I recommend Ubuntu, I always point them to the latest Long Term Support release. That's 12.04.02 for now. It would be crazy otherwise.

Continuing interim releases and supporting them would be bleeding resources. A testing repository should be available to automated testers and a testing team.

I'm convinced that Ubuntu can go rolling release. If the developmental version of Ubuntu (raring ringtail) is any indication of how automated testing has improved stability of beta (even alpha) software, then the transition to rolling release should be like putting one's foot forward.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two Asteroids Got Our Attention

NASA knows the path and arrival of asteroid 2012 DA14. This rock is 45 to 50 meters in diameter and will pass very close to earth. It was not visible but radio images were provided. It passed within the orbit of most earth satellites that 15th of February 2013.

Another asteroid was to make history and a flashy appearance. This rock entered the earth's atmosphere, shone like the sun, broke in pieces, shattered glass windows and panicked a city. It's about 17 meters in diameter and released energy estimated at 470 kilotons of TNT according to Western Ontario Professor of Physics Peter Brown's analysis. Say about 24 times Hiroshima. Don't take the professor's word for it, you can go to YouTube and search for video testimony of the bright rock captured by russian dash cams also the same day.

It's only a coincidence says NASA. 

My Blog's Dynamic View And Chrome Browser

I've been trying to get some ideas why Danny's Space isn't rendering (black screen) in Chrome/ Chromium browser. It's okay in Firefox and Internet Explorer. I "fixed" it and by that I mean reverted back to my old template from the dynamic view suggested by Blogger.

Old template restored.

Dynamic view with its javascripts reliant page just isn't rendering properly in Chrome/ Chromium.

I'm glad to have you back. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update Gnucash 2.6.16 --> 2.6.18

It's a long road to this update. It isn't a normal update at all. I had to manually compile goffice0.8 and webkitgtk as well as gnu...