Pacman Has to Get Better

I finally got my printers working. I got cups (and cupsd in
the /etc/rc.conf) I installed hpoj and a group of printer drivers. So to
get my Arch linux to recognize there's a usb printer connected to my
system I have to run a daemon (ptal-init setup) and include it
in /etc/rc.conf. That finally enabled (after a reboot) my GNOME control
center to acknowledge that there is indeed an HP-3900 at the end of my
usb port.

The real personal story behind my saga with a printer is pacman. It is
now throwing 'network not reachable' everytime I start it. Every
download and sync. I ran --debug and ping ip addresses and so far I will
conclude that it's a really really slow ftp server. The server is so
slow pacman is timing out connections. It's unusable guys.

My first rolling release distro and I've decided that Arch rises and
falls with the performance of their package manager. Great distro for
the DIY community. But sorry I can't recommend Arch linux to my mother
who just want to finish her Monday report to her boss by Monday.

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