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New Theme Installed

I got to the point when all the application I needed to do my work is in place. Arch linux with GNOME is ready for some alternative look. Formerly I have drakfire but I was looking for a light theme. But before I install a theme I downloaded faenza icons and its themes from deviant-art site.

Using the Gnome-tweak-tool (installed beforehand) I went to the Gnome-extensions site and enable the User-theme extension.

Then I downloaded the Faenza icons and extracted it to the ~/.icons directory. I then switched the icon selector in gnome-tweak-tool to faenza.

This is the icons as it appears in the dash-applications.

This is the alternate wallpaper I switched to. Elementary theme for the Gnome-shell. I also have the system-monitor applet in the panel.(via AUR)

I figured I should have a dark theme (Adwaita) and the light theme (Elementary). Great job for the GNOME people - GNOME 3.4.x

A Call To Arms

In the eve (very nearly the eve) of the launch of Windows 8, Canonical releases the latest Ubuntu version. In its homepage is splashed "AVOID THE PAIN OF WINDOWS 8'. It is akin to a war cry like the ones bellowed out when two armies faced each other in the field before contact.

Larry the Free Software Guy issues a call to donate the price of Windows 8 to the Linux distro of your choice. (or to any free software project) This is in his Larry the Free Software blog titled "No Thanks. I Got Linux"

Upgrade To Ubuntu 12.10

October can only mean upgrade time again. So I fired up update-manager -d to start the upgrade process from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 12.10.

The update lasted around 2 to 3 hours with my internet speed. Remember to close open applications to safeguard data.

The upgrade is smooth and clean.

Ubuntu One in Arch Linux

While I have been trying to install and make it work in Arch Linux for months now, Ubuntu One's showing in Arch is mixed. It would stop to sync or a folder will stop syncing. The first time I tried installing a client, it wouldn't even start. So NOW...

I downloaded it from an official repository using pacman. It's that easy.

I heard the Mac app is in beta.

Evolution In GNOME 3

I was finishing the Archlinux install today and decided to start Evolution to enable my Gmail account. Surprise! As soon as I started it, it downloaded my messages from the default Gmail account I registered in the Online Account. That's one automation that's much appreciated by users of GNOME.

The download lasted about 30 minutes. This used to take a lot longer folks. I am smiling look.

The interface is the same all around but it feels nimble and much improved. I'm impressed with Evolution 3.4

A Snag In Installing Arch Linux

I use Ubuntu 12.04 as my main OS. I prepared a partition in the same device (where Ubuntu is). I want to install Arch Linux and use GNOME as my alternative desktop environment. Arch ditched their old Installer GUI and now use new scripts to guide users during installation. I successfully installed Arch at /dev/sda3 while Ubuntu 12.04 sits at /dev/sda1.

I want to use Ubuntu's GRUB to pull in whatever other OS is in my hard drive. Issuing 'update-grub' in the terminal doesn't do the job. Why is Ubuntu's version of GRUB unable to automatically detect Arch Linux in another partition? Is it a faulty Arch install? Is it a corrupt GRUB config file? Is it a bug in GRUB?

I googled the night away. The next day I googled some more and found this at ASK UBUNTU.jrg, one of many community moderators at Ask Ubuntu, provided me with a gem. And it works.


Thank you.

Remembering Sesame Street

I was around seven years old when I saw Big Bird and her yellow feathers
on tv the first time. Channel 9 airs Sesame Street twice a day for the
kids who are having classes in the morning there's the afternoon
schedule. The show is a hit. It captured us kids. We would shut up and
sit on the floor once the familiar theme music starts.

I wonder about the american street scene of course. It felt alien to me
but the people and the muppets just made their home in my imagination.
It didn't matter if we had muddy streets instead of the cobblestones.

Years will pass and the locals will produce their own version of this
show called Batibot. Why not? It's time we take back television for our

Who would have guessed that fast forward to 2012, Sesame Street will be
mentioned prominently in a US presidential debate. One candidate was
questioning the source of funding for these kind of shows. Try
explaining money to a five year old and why he can't have something too�…