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The Good Samaritan: A Bible Story For Our Times

My favorite all time Bible story is The Good Samaritan. You can find this in Luke Chapter 10 Verse 35 to 37. I like to spell it out when referencing the bible because people who are new to the bible might not know what I'm talking about. I'll hate myself for that. But if you want to "get" this parable, I recommend you start reading from Luke Chapter 10 Verse 25, for the context. Context is everything.
If you have been travelling and talking about spiritual things like Jesus was doing, you are bound to attract people who know about the subject matter you are talking about. So at this time an expert about the law, meaning somebody who have read the books on the law of the Jews, asked Jesus "how do I inherit eternal life". Meaning: How do I get into God's good side? This question, of course, assumes God divides us into his good side and his bad side. So Jesus replied: What does the law say? The coyness here is that Jesus knows the law and he knows that t…

A Review Of Star Trek Voyager Episode 39 The Thaw

The crew of Voyager discovered a planet recovering from a catastrophic climate disaster. They found survivors who tried to wait out the natural disaster in stasis connected to an adaptive computer simulation. An adaptive computer environment is created within the link by monitoring the subjects' minds and in turn they collectively create the environment while their physical bodies are sleeping. The survivors were hoping that after the planet had sufficiently recovered from the extreme temperature, the computer would simply wake them up and the simulation terminated. The computer detected the survivors' fears and manifested such fears within the simulation. After years of running the simulation, the computer simulated characters developed self-awareness. When the Voyager crew found the survivors they were "alive" along with these computer simulated characters.
"The Clown" played by actor Michael McKean
"The Thaw" was originally broadcast 29th Apri…

Human Rights For Filipinos

it is important that we have human rights so we MAY NOT BE COMPELLED to resort to rebellion against tyranny and oppression. Our constitution provides legal framework for human rights, that's why we have Article III, Bill Of Rights and among other things the Commission of Human Rights, Article XIII. 
Our current president made pronouncements in conflict of these principles. He and the party he belongs to is subverting the checks and balances within the constitution by removing the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and weakening the Judiciary.  He has failed to protect our sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea. He continues to implement the brutal war against drug users, in complete disregard of their legal rights. He has issued statements encouraging the killings of suspects in the drug war. 

Indian Mangoes

indian mangoes 2-3 weeks before ripened

Update dnscrypt-proxy 1.9.5 -->> 2.0.8

This one blindsided me when it came up. It was a week full of dns news too. Cloudflare is offering dns server active last 1st of April. The last update for dnscrypt-proxy left the old config file in the dust.
The new configuration is in /etc/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-proxy.toml and the dnscrypt website explains how it works here.
Forget the static server entry and use the server sources list.

Update Gnucash 2.19.x -->> 3.0.x

Gnucash devs released version 3.0 at the beginning of the week but I waited a few days more to try and install via AUR. The end of the week and a whole 6 days of monitoring early adopters feedback I finally install Gnucash version 3.0-4 on my computer.
It works and the data migration is seamless. Some packages were installed along with gnucash-3.0.
[2018-04-07 08:06] [ALPM] installed boost (1.66.0-2) [2018-04-07 08:06] [ALPM] installed gtest (1.8.0-1) [2018-04-07 08:06] [ALPM] installed gmock (1.8.0-1) [2018-04-07 08:06] [ALPM] installed jsoncpp (1.8.4-2) [2018-04-07 08:06] [ALPM] installed libuv (1.20.0-1) [2018-04-07 08:06] [ALPM] installed rhash (1.3.6-1) [2018-04-07 08:06] [ALPM] installed cmake (3.10.3-1)
This version no longer requires webkitgtk.