Yesterday Was A Good Day, Today Not So Good

I am back on my Arch Linux side of the hard drive because ... wait.

My plan tonight is to use Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot for the rest of the night maybe until tomorrow but after I updated my packages with the latest updates there are several problems. Firefox' cpu usage is spiking to beyond 100% and Banshee is also showing beyond 100% cpu usage. Good news for Gwibber. It's fast now seemed to be working the way it should.

I killed both Firefox and Banshee and restarted them both. The events for both applications are reproducible therefore it is a bug. No apport window prompts appeared. They might have disable it. Might not be working to their liking. In any case I switched back to here, my Arch Linux OS.

Unity shell seems to me stable so why these two applications.

Let me show some screenshots of my upgrade from Ubuntu 11.04 to Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot.

After careful calculation Ubuntu update-manager is going to upgrade 1474 files. Are you sure it's safe?

Safe? Of course I'm sure it's safe. Trust me.

Blind faith really. kidding.

I am bold but I have Arch to fall back on so...

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