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My Recipe For a Perfect Meal

I woke up after sleeping early last night. It went smoothly up to the time I fell to my soft bed again in my dream. Then I woke up around 6 in the morning. I went down to prepare my coffee and breakfast. I sat down and took my blood pressure monitor. I have 130/70 mmHg, 70 bpm. Mom entered the kitchen and prepares breakfast. I got the vegetables out.
Ingredients: romaine lettuce 7 leaves cabbage 1 cup bell pepper 1 cup tomato 1 cup cucumber 1 cup mayo 2 tbsp coconut oil / lauric 2 tbsp fried egg 2
It's 20 degrees Celsius outside. Cold morning with a slight breeze. The sun is barely out. Mother is cooking fried rice and sardines. I'm making a salad. She's cooking fish. My coffee is black unsweetened. We sat down to drink our coffee cups. Her cup was with cream and sugar. We started to talk about school and the grandchildren who are far from us now.
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Hypertension And Potassium

My blood pressure is staying above 140 mmHg systolic and 85 mmHg diastolic for two weeks now. I've lost 20 lbs since I started dieting but I've fallen off the strict keto protocol a few times too. I decided to check my blood sugar level. It is 193 mg/dL. The normal is 80 - 110 mg/dL. The reason I'm feeling uniquely unsettled is because my insulin is high, my blood sugar is high.
I have to get back into Keto. Today my first meal is cream soup with ground meat. My second meal is a cheese sandwich. I know not exactly keto recommended. I ran out of vegetables. I just went out for an errand down to our nearby talipapa ( neighborhood fresh produce market). I bought cauliflower, tomatoes, bell peppers and green peas. I remember I still have some left over stuff in the chiller section. 
Insulin level is linked to high blood pressure. High insulin decreases potassium. Low potassium can cause high blood pressure. I have to increase my potassium intake. I should try and get it from ve…

Upgraded inkscape 0.92.3-->>0.92.4

nkscape 's latest version 0.92.4
just made available for download is also an update away if you are using archlinux.

This is a bug-fix update but also a preview of inkscape 1.0. Can't wait!

Upgraded android 8-->>9

ASUS pushed the long awaited upgrade from android 8 to 9 for its flaship Zenfone 5 and 5z.

This is a 1,141 MB download from the servers.

calibre, calibre companion and fbreader: Getting My Books From the Hard Drive To My Portable Device

Once calibre was updated I immediately set out to find a better way to get my books out of the hard drive and into my portable device. I have around 7 megabytes worth of books in mostly epub format consisting of around 5,000 books. I already have calibre in the desktop so I use it to read my books in the desktop. I want to open it in my portable device which is an android smartphone. I am familiar with fbreader and in fact using it to read pdf's and the occasional documents. After searching for options, I downloaded calibre companion from Google Play. This app can connect with calibre on the desktop. It can sync books and its metadata. It can even remember where I stopped reading. Okay, I'm talking about bookmarks.

Calibre Companion uses another app to read a book once it is connected to Calibre in your desktop. You can get a book or your entire collection out of the hard drive in one sync. There is one glitch. I had to turn off VPN temporarily for the connection to work.

I am…

Upgrade systemd 239.370 -->> 240.0

--gnome-terminal, grep /var/log/pacman.log-- [2019-01-09 10:05] [ALPM] upgraded libsystemd (239.370-1 -> 240.0-3) [2019-01-09 10:05] [ALPM] upgraded systemd (239.370-1 -> 240.0-3) [2019-01-09 10:05] [ALPM] upgraded systemd-sysvcompat (239.370-1 -> 240.0-3)
systemd is a group of basic systems that starts other systems in Linux. It also monitors processes. It starts daemons on demand. I upgraded my system to the latest version available today from the archlinux repositories.

Update Calibre 3.36 -->> 3.37

Updated to calibre 3.37 for the latest version of this open source e-book manager.