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paccache And Cleaning the Pacman Cache

I'm trying to clean the cache with paccache but i get a not found error. Suddenly I've lost my paccache? what?
Pacman stores packages in /var/cache/pacman/pkg. So to keep this directory from growing indefinitely we need to shed some of the oldest packages. By default paccache -r will leave 3 versions of the packages.
Yesterday's pacman upgrade left out pacman-contrib package. So I had to download it today with: # pacman -S pacman-contrib ##to download these tools.
# paccache -ruk0 && paccache -rk 2 ##to remove unneeded package cache and leave 2 versions of each package cache
This also solves my GNOME extension Arch update indicator error.

Upgrade Pacman 5.0 -->> 5.1

Upgraded pacman from 5.0 to 5.1.
Pacman is the distinguishing characteristic of the Arch linux distro. It updates the system and synchronize the local package list with the main servers. So if you are an Arch user you should know Pacman.

Upgrade Calibre 3.23 -->> 3.24

New features for this version of Calibre are here.
You can download the newest Calibre here.

Update Gimp from 2.8 -->> 2.10

I just updated GIMP 2.8 to 2.10. Hey, dark theme!


drawn using Wacom pen and tablet CTL471 and MyPaint v 1.2.1

Drawn With Wacom Bamboo Pen and Tablet

Wacom Bamboo CTL 471 is a USB cable connected graphics pen and tablet that works with Windows 10. Does it work with linux?

I'm using Arch linux with GNOME and Wayland. That last bit of information is important because Wacom doesn't work well with wayland but it does work well with Xorg. Fortunately, GNOME can still be run on xorg and you can login to another session using xorg.

I ordered this from Lazada today. It came with 10 extra nibs and a screen cover.

Update for Calibre 3.22 -->> 3.23

Calibre is a multi platform e-book management software. I use it because it makes reading and managing my e-books easy and convenient plus it has a mobile app.

Full Page Ad For The Journalists That Matters

This ad came out in The New York Times. May, 2018