Thursday, November 27, 2014

Newly Planted Plants

Mom got to work right away.


Smaller ones here.

We called M Roger to level the ground left after the 3 man crew of acetylene torch equipped team disassembled the water tank and tower and took the pieces off in their truck.

Mom In The Philippines 2014

Mom arrived early morning November 16th. She spending 2014 Christmas with us.

Feet up on the chair. Relaxing after a 13 hour flight from Vancouver to Manila.

Tito Bong and Tita Connie have gone home after fetching her from the airport. Tita Edios was here too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

openSUSE 13.2 Using B tree fs (btrfs) and Xfs

I finally finished downloading the 4.7 GB "DVD" version of the Installer Image for openSUSE 13.2. I downloaded this install medium through torrent thankfully. After burning it to my usb stick ( not sure if the blank DVD with me could be suitable ) I booted to the polished green openSUSE installer. The installation was smooth except when it was time to configure the hard disks. Sorry it's my first time to use their user interface. I had to read everything just to make sure what I want to happen IS what's happening or about to happen.

In any case i want to leave most of the defaults enabled. I used btrfs for the systems files and Xfs for the data files (/home). Don't worry the installer will tell you if there's a fatal error in the configuration, which makes the openSUSE installer better than the fedora installer (anaconda).

The point in using the "DVD" installation medium is there's not much else to download during the installation because it's all in there to be copied to your drive disks. Once installed all the proprietary codecs and adobe flashplayer works. I can play youtube while I configure my online accounts. Yay!

I accepted the 40+ GB btrfs offered by the installer for my / and also accepted the /boot/efi partition to be created. The new ASUS motherboard I have has secure boot enabled. I want to make sure I can boot this. I have 140+ GB left in my SSD and two other hard drives totalling 2.9 TB, I want to give to my home partition. I did some long trial and error process right here because I want to explicitly have it in a RAID0 only configuration. No need to degrade write/read speeds with a RAID1 setup.

Focus on the / and /home  directory here. The rest are automatically created by the installer. Special mention here is the /.snapshots directory because if snapshots of the systems are made, it will be saved here.

openSUSE has GNOME 3.14 and linux kernel 3.16.x.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

October Expenses 2014

October figures are out. And primary costs (e.g. food,utilities,repairs) are steady at 15k. If I can hold them until January next year I just about pinned the GP for the year.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Re New Computer

Reinstalled fedora 20 because I'm not satisfied with the partitioning. I created a separate / and /home partitions and made both btrfs, the next generation file system for Linux. It looks like this now.

I can't encrypt the disks now because they're separate partitions.

refers to previous post: New Computer also the one in Wordpress

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