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When A Customer Calls

What are the most important things that customers expect
from a call center?

When I call a help desk or tech support number I don't expect
to wait more than 10 minutes before my call is even answered
by a recorded voice. Customers don't want to wait. They will
voice out their displeasure. Filling up that waiting time with
ads about your product and promos is not going to add to a
better customer experience.

When I call customer service I do expect a resolution to my
concern and a fixed time when I will see that resolution. Else,
customers call back. It is a good policy to be honest about
resolution times and work flow. Explain to the customers why
this takes that long. State the company policy and the reason
for such a policy. Give the customer options, even third party

Basic information to the customers should be free. I don't
understand why customers have to pay for information about
a company's product. Free customer support is testament
to the company's confid…

Using Gmail And Evolution

Since switching to Ubuntu Linux I have been using the default
email client for Linux Gnome - Evolution. I set up my account
at first using my service provider's mail service. They are
using pop for incoming mail and smtp for outgoing mail.

My service provider is not using authentications just a
password system. After giving my password I set it up
so my computer remembers my password. For outgoing
mail I set it so there is no security nor authentication too.
I chose to set security so smtp follows pop set up since
there's a choice in the options provided in the account
set up.

I decided to open a Gmail account with Google because I
recently open also an account with Bloggers.

Gmail uses a pop and smtp set up too but uses
authentication. They are using SSL. I also gave my
password to my account and set it so my computer

There is not much difference between the two accounts
except that Gmail servers are configured by default not
to delete any mail. They are configured not to dele…

Battery and Inventions

Every time I read about an invention nowadays, I rolled
my eyes and mutter "not another one".

A group of researchers at Harvard University successfully
lit up a light bulb without a wire. They sent an electrical
charge wirelessly from the source a few feet away and lit an
electrical device (light bulb).

Another group of students successfully stored electricity
in a paper media. Imagine rolls of paper that can now
function as battery. If a company could now commercially
make or print batteries the applications to electrical devices
that needed flexibility and weight is endless.

The holy grail of electrical storage is really how to pack more
energy efficiently in the least space and the least weight.

Will You Sleep Now My Baby

Don't worry we will protect you. Sleep tight now my baby.
The wind may rise now but listen to it die down.
I will sing you a lullaby, and rock you to sleep.

The world saw the birth of the nuclear age with the detonation
of an atomic device over the city of Hiroshima, Japan. The Allies
sought the unconditional surrender of Japan in the earliest
time possible and save American lives by avoiding a land
invasion of Japanese islands. The bomb ended the Pacific war
with the Japanese surrendering in 1945.

Since then US possession of the technology to make nuclear
weapons began a world nuclear arms race with most of
the victors of the war quickly joining. They refined the bomb.
They are soon measuring their new weapons in terms of how
many Hiroshimas their new versions could destroy with only
one of their bombs. Major powers stockpiled these bombs
in their vaults, bomb bunkers and equip their bombs rockets so
they can hit targets across the globe. The United States and the
Soviet Union made and stor…
Why do people hate so much it got to hurt? Now I have
thought about the world full of misunderstanding and
how that fuels hatred but what about hatred so deep
it is ready to consume the world and everything in it.

I once stepped in the middle of a fight to stop two friends
from hurting each other and I ended up with a fist in my
face. The sad thing is it made me feel like a fool whenever
I feel like stepping in again. I always feel unsure now even
as I grew older. Older but not surer of what is morally bad
about fighting or just letting two man go at it.