Remembering Sesame Street

I was around seven years old when I saw Big Bird and her yellow feathers
on tv the first time. Channel 9 airs Sesame Street twice a day for the
kids who are having classes in the morning there's the afternoon
schedule. The show is a hit. It captured us kids. We would shut up and
sit on the floor once the familiar theme music starts.

I wonder about the american street scene of course. It felt alien to me
but the people and the muppets just made their home in my imagination.
It didn't matter if we had muddy streets instead of the cobblestones.

Years will pass and the locals will produce their own version of this
show called Batibot. Why not? It's time we take back television for our

Who would have guessed that fast forward to 2012, Sesame Street will be
mentioned prominently in a US presidential debate. One candidate was
questioning the source of funding for these kind of shows. Try
explaining money to a five year old and why he can't have something too

Except that in my child's memory, Sesame Street represents things which
are wonderful and free. Adults really ruin it for kids.
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