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Cumulative Profit North of Baseline

The comment square on the right says it all. What does it mean? It means that  the business is paying for itself. It means being able to pay its obligations. Look 
at the green line tracing its course below 0 from April 2012 up to December 2015. January 2016 is the time it comes up from the basement.  --
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Rear Window

Wind, I hear the gate closing
They have ducks,
But only for fifteen minutes.

Android System Updates In the ASUS Zenfone 2

I've been using my ASUS Zenfone 2 for 3 weeks now and ASUS has upgraded the system android that it is using twice now. That's apart from the apps automatic upgrades that happens fairly everyday. So I like the support that ASUS is providing this device. I check for updates to the system fairly regularyly like twice a week. This recent system upgrade is a 78 MB download and then a 5 minute install. It took out approximately 6-7% of the battery, start to finish.

Keeping Back Keepassx

I'm keeping Keepassx-0.4.3 for now instead of upgrading to Keepassx-2.0
which is now available in the Fedora 23 repositories. The new Keepassx
version is suppose to be able to convert the old kdb file to the new
kdbx database format. I am getting "unable to read corrupt file"
instead. So I downgraded the package and tried to open the file again
without any problems.

What seems to be the problem here? What am I doing wrong in the convertion?

Donato Roque
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Turning My Desktop Linux Into A Media Server For Other Devices In the Network Over Wifi

I have a Linux desktop. I am using Fedora 23 in my home as my main computer. My sister uses a laptop mainly to access the internet and play some Youtube and music files. After I got my smartphone a week ago, I've been interested in listening to my music using my phone. I have approximately 800 GB of media files in the desktop. Most of it are movies and around 200+ GB are music files. I hope to turn my Fedora Linux desktop into a media server for the home network. How do I do that?

Fedora 23 has samba installed by default but I checked my system. I am lacking some packages. So I downloaded samba and system-config-samba from the repositories. Then simply add shares to the GUI. Check if your firewall policy allows samba service. Check if your router allows media server and also allows file sharing. It's easy with mine because it has a web interface.

Also you have to start samba in systemd.
      #sudo systemctl start smb.service
      #sudo systemctl start nmb.service

New Blogger Post, New Device, New Year

Hi Reese

You can teach an old dog new tricks.

I've been using the ASUS Zenfone2 since the 2nd. Posting to my blog with a qwerty keyboard this small is an exercise in patience. But for quick one time and necessary release.

The Blogger app is nice and helpful.

December Income Report 2015

Last month of the year 2015 here and finished. 
Nothing unusual to note this month, much of expenses mirror  last month's figures. Miscellaneous expenses include social  donations and the regular christmas expenses.

Income figure is smaller this month with one contract 
termination (Edna Campos). 

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Two Thousand Fifteen

The last important email I got for the year is about the climate and
how man-made greenhouse gases are changing the world's weather to
extremes. After several days into the new year, climate change is the
most important item in the news and this is a political year in the
United States with the Presidential elections coming. It caps the
Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the United Nations' report on
the carbon emissions of countries around the world.

We are doing something about climate change and fossil fuel emissions
but it may not be enough. Is it too late and too little?

Twenty Fifteen is also the year of the renewables. I am talking about
the renewable sources of power- solar, wind and hydroelectric. Major
investments in these electricity sources surged this year with
commitments from China and the United States to increase the role of
renewables in the production of power.
- --
Donato Roque
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Linux user since 2004
Fedora 23 …