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Windows 8 Backlash Leads To Linux Dominance

I don't see the backlash. Windows 8 might not be as welcome in the enterprise as in the desktop users but that doesn't mean there's a backlash. Enterprise users are happy with Windows 7. They will stay with W7. If my employer is unhappy with Windows 8 it doesn't mean they're moving to Linux.

I have been using Linux since 2005. I've not use Windows since I installed Linux in all my machines. I'm happy. With or without the Windows backlash, I will continue using my Linux Operating System. I think I'm pretty much in the majority as far as Linux users go. Poll?

Linux is getting to be a mainstream OS. It used to be hard to find hardware you can use with it. Not anymore. I was surprised that a co-worker was complaining about a printer/scanner failing to work with Windows. That same printer/scanner is detected by my operating system by default!

If you want my definition of Linux Dominance, it is this: Give me an old laptop with Windows in it and I will install F…

A Good Day

There are two tropical storms lurking within the Philipines surrounding waters affecting both the weather and the waters close to the coasts. The sun came out early this morning but now it's all gray and wet.

One of our tenants found time to go up the roof to secure the tv antenae for better reception. The kids are annoying the family of cats again. Those kids should leave them cats alone.

I have a full house today. The people from the Pahati Cons. made a downpayment for a room today. They filled the last free space in the house.

Do not boast about tomorrow for you do not know what a day may bring, says the Bible. All in all, it is a good day.

The Tim Berners-Lee Announcement Of The WorldWideWeb

August 20, 1991 Tim Berners-Lee announce the release of the WorldWideWeb. WWW is a browser which allows one to view local files from remote servers and even index them.

The WorldWideWeb is born.

A Redditor Asks

"So let me get this straight, requiring an ID at the voting booth is protecting our freedoms, requiring one at a gun show is violating them?"

Via: Reddit

New Species Of Owls Discovered

Two new species of owls were discovered by Ornithologists and individuals from BirdLife International, the Oriental Bird Club, Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. and Birdtour Asia as well as MSU Assistant Professor of Zoology Pam Rasmussen. It took years to confirm the discovery because they were thought to belong to a subspecie of owls. What led to their promotion to separate category?

Owls don't learn to sing apparently, it's genetically programmed to their DNA and it their songs are totally different, it's a strong indication that they belong to a different grouping.

Top: Cebu Hawk-owl
Bottom: Camiguin Hawk-owl
I downloaded systemd yesterday and installed it on my Archlinux. I am planning to implement a pure systemd but systemd-arch-units package isn't ready in the repositories yet.

I have to create the native systemd configuration files for the daemons/services I have.

In the meantime, systemd is still using initscripts by Archlinux. They still work right now.

Update: boot time is considerably lower using systemd than sysv. I am still using archlinux initscripts with systemd though.
I don't understand why anyone would be interested in hacking this blog. It's not very popular and I don't think I have offended anyone with my personal opinions. (not that I have many).

I apologize to those who follow me and saw the rogue posts. I will try to delete them. And clean up the mess.

Thank you for your patience.

When the Great Monsoon Landed

The past week tested some people's patience and resilience. The amount of moisture brought by the monsoon rain within a three day period was twice the monthly average. As expected rivers swelled and overflowed. Low lying areas got enundated which forced residents to evacuate to higher, safer grounds.

General Luna Street(national highway), Maly, San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines

Most monsoon seasons the rain fall on the sea, sparing towns and cities the destructive flooding. But not this time.

Man Dreams Of Mars

I am waiting for this all week. NASA's Curiosity, the Mars rover that launched 8 months ago is finally down on the surface of Mars.

The first images sent home were these. The shadow of the rover and the horizon of Mars. The next image is the tire of the rover touching the soil of Mars.

We're back on Mars.

Automount Failure of User Created Partitions In ArchLinux

Lesson: Don't forget what you know when using automation.

During installation Archlinux helps you in partitioning your drive. It helps you in creating the structure of your filesystem. I like to have a separate home partition, a separate partition for media types (music, movies), and so forth.

I've been having this boot fail message about not finding the mount points for my partitions. Naturally, I have checked my /etc/fstab.

# /etc/fstab: static file system information
# <file system> <dir>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>
tmpfs           /tmp    tmpfs   nodev,nosuid    0       0
LABEL=Movies /home/donato/Videos ext4 defaults 0 1
LABEL=MoviesII /home/donato/Videos/MoviesExt ext4 defaults 0 1
LABEL=Music /home/donato/Music ext4 defaults 0 1
LABEL=arch-home /home ext4 defaults 0 1
LABEL=boot-arch /boot ext2 defaults 0 1
LABEL=root-arch / ext4 defaults 0 1
LABEL=swap  none swap defaults 0 0