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Update Gnucash 2.6.16 --> 2.6.18

It's a long road to this update. It isn't a normal update at all. I had to manually compile goffice0.8 and webkitgtk as well as gnucash itself.
It isn't Gnucash fault in the end. After updating webkitgtk a few days back, that broke Gnucash. The next stable release wont be using webkitgtk with all of its vulnerabilities anymore. There's that to look forward to.

GnuCash: Manually Build A Package In A Clean Space

I can't use gnucash after an update a few days ago. I told you the details in this post.
My best option was to follow this thread at AUR/gnucash by the package maintainer. The basic structure of his solution is to first setup a clean space - chroot - where makechrootpkg can work without encountering errors from already installed packages. I need devtools and base-devel packages also.
So: #pacman -S base-devel git devtools --needed ##to install base-devel, git, devtools if not yet installed
$sudo mount -o remount,exec,suid /tmp ##to mount the filesystem on which to build with exec and suid flag on
Then I set up chroot as follows: $mkdir /tmp/source/chroot -p $cd /tmp/source $sudo mkarchroot chroot/root base-devel
Now it's time to get the package sources. Here I need goffice0.8 and webkitgtk. Since webkitgtk is a big package, compiles about 5-6 hours in some machines. I want to test this first on goffice0.8 which is a shorter operation.
$git clone "https://aur.archl…

GnuCash In Arch Linux

I updated a number of packages today and Gnucash won't start. I immediately went to the Archlinux website to see what's happening. I can't seem to find the package in the community repo. There's a thread in AUR on how to compile Gnucash by hand no AUR helpers.

But I tried to compile goffice and webkit2, needed packages for Gnucash-git. No. It doesn't work for me.

Funny but I'm now using my Android Tablet with Gnucash app to record transactions. This is working. We need to have the stable GnuCash back. This is a stop gap on my part. Transactions don't stop when computers stop. Please don't make me go back to paper.

Noscript10 Might Be Ready (by the end of the week)

I updated to Firefox 57 and these are the extensions that it supports and that I use.

Noscript isn't in this list and Giorgio might release another script blocker extension called Noscript 10 that works with F57. 

At least that's what he said in this posting. In any case it could be days before things get sorted out. Users will have to decide which No script they want. The good news is user settings are saved until all the features of the old Noscript are activated in the new one.

Update Mozilla Firefox 56 --> 57

My machine runs on Arch Linux and it is a rolling release. Mozilla updated Firefox browser from 56 to 57 a few hours ago. I checked the Arch channels and it was in Testing for a while. But now I've been notified it is ready for users. Yes it is fast. Some extensions are not ready yet. I hope their developers release their compatible versions soon.

Fedora 27 Is Available For Download

Fedora developers released Fedora 27 today and it is awesome. Get it here.

I don't have fedora on my machine right now. But I was a fedora user especially f20 to f23. You will not find a distribution as fresh. Look, I'm using a rolling distribution now, but fedora's packages is as fresh as any rolling distribution. Updating is easy with dnf. It uses diff which means you only download the changes and the fedora package manager takes care of the rest.

What Are You Watching?

I've just finished watching The Walking Dead from Season 1 Episode 1 to Season 7 Episode 16. Season 8 is being shown from October to December. Some of the noteworthy moments are Morgan's Aikido episode and the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. I'm waiting for Maggie's child next season though. I think that the show is still worth a couple of seasons. There are stories still hanging out there. 
I want to start watching Boardwalk Empire today. House of Cards is still in my list of to be watched although with Kevin Spacey's banishment from the show, I don't know how the story will play out. 
I'm also putting Jessica Jones in my list of to watch before Christmas. I'm hearing a lot of excited feedback from friends. 
I am rewatching Lost Season 1 the complete blu-ray. There's nothing like the resolution and colors of a blu-ray version to bring the whole lost cast once again. 

Disabling Coredumps By Systemd Crashes

My /var/lib/systemd/coredump directory keeps growing to unwanted proportions. Whenever systemd crashes or applications crashes coredumps are triggered. These compressed files are saved to this directory.
Now I don't usually look at these files for debugging. And they may be security risks since coredumps may contain sensitive information. So I want to disable it.
To disable coredumps, please see $man coredump.conf. Setting [Coredump] Storage=none instead of Storage=external which is the default, disables saving coredumps.
So I just opened my text editor to the file /etc/systemd/coredump.conf and edit the line above.

Update Libreoffice In Arch Linux 5.4.2 -->>5.4.3

Along with this Libreoffice update my system updated Chromium 62 and Calibre 3.11-->>3.12.

Quarterly Income And Expense Report 2017


I should have posted this last month when the third quarter for the year 2017 is ready but, today is as good as any to look back. So far nothing's shocking. 2017 should be bright and effortless. I expected more from it but it is nice to know that I have kept a hold of most of what I'm suppose to manage. Hurray!

My Data Plan Is Ending, Hoping To Upgrade

Plan 1699 Ultera is a wireless plan with data capping. Right off I knew it wasn't going to be the speed that's annoying, it is the daily data cap at 2 GB. The promised speed is 10Mbps but the fastest I got out it is 1.2Mbps. This is the practical speed of downloads. If you measure it using one of web measuring tools, you could go up to 3Mbps. Every time I call customer support about it, they would point out that my account has reached its data cap and they had to reduce download speeds to 50% sometimes more. I am locked in for 36 months. Yup, it's pretty annoying. But this contract is ending on March 7, 2018 and I'm on the market for a NO CAPS plan.
After looking at several ISP's available in my area, I settled on PLDT's Fibr plan 2899. I like it for the no capping feature. No installation fee. No buying their modem, (which means they own it, they repair it, they replace it). The plan has a promised speed of 100Mbps for the first 6 months and then 50Mbps on the…

Started Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

Lino, my brother who lives in Vancouver, is proud to report his success with weight loss using apple cider vinegar ACV. Although I have to take his results of loosing 40 lbs in one months with a grain of salt, I know all the benefits and medical reviews about ACV. I am sufficiently stoked to start my own program and take ACV today.
I purchased 3 400ml bottle of ACV online for 289 pesos each. I'm going to report back after say 10 weeks.

I am taking 2 tablespoons of ACV with a glass of water. After the initial taste I knew I had to somehow flavor it to make it palatable. So I take my trusty tea bag or a squirt of honey then. I take my honey from a squirt container, like a condiment. Within 24 hours, I moved food three times and the color is green. Green poop means bile. In normal digestion bile is broken down and the color of poop is the normal brown. So I guess this is part of the re-balancing of the bacteria in the gut, or the digestive process kicked to a faster gear. 

Firefox Addons Tagged As Legacy In Firefox 56

My addons list above shows Firefox 56 tagging some addons as legacy. In Firefox 57 they will no longer work or maybe force users to find a replacement for them. I hope they release new versions of the these addons compatible with F57 fast.
Mozilla announced the release of Firefox 58 on the 14th of November 2017.

Assets Over Time Chart From October 2011 To October 2017


This is an year on year (6 years now) incremental investment on assets since October 2011 up to October 2017. The last 12 months saw the highest increase in current assets so far. I have controlled the rising capital assets. It's the second year in a row when fixed assets remained at their levels.

Why Use Two Email Clients At The Same Time?

I am keeping two email clients on my desktop. I would rather use GNOME's default email application, Evolution Mail, but it has too many components, parts that crash, parts that has bugs, lots of things that can go wrong (and it does). So I keep Thunderbird as back up. I wonder how many users also do the same thing.

I know what's on your mind. Why not choose one? Why not just choose Thunderbird and ditch Evolution Mail? From the engineering point of view, something that's so dependent on too many component parts that could break isn't wise. It's inviting disaster. It's like driving without a spare tire. It just makes sense to me.

I don't do this with say my productivity suite or my music player application. I guess my correspondence is too important to be delayed. And if all else fails then I open a tab in my browser and use web mail. I avoid web mail with all its distractions, security …