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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So Easy To Forget

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

The movie presents a world where one can erase memories. In fact the title comes from an Alexander Pope poem about two characters who are exploring how to handle their relationship. I like the scene where Clementine and Joel skates over a frozen lake. It comes as a good metaphor for any relationship. Clementine slips and bruises her butt. Her impulsiveness leaves Joel fearful to venture out. So they lied down and stared at the stars, hopeful.

Of course like all relationships, they both find faults and annoyances about each other. These imperfections finally drove Clementine to seek professional help. She decided to forget Joel. She wanted to erase her memory of him. Later it would happen also to Joel.

Eternal Sunshine is not chronological. It coils up into itself. It reconstructs reality. It shows the gradual blotting out of Joel's memory. It shows his struggle to hold on to a piece of Clementine because he still loves her. A struggle that is futile. In the end they listened to each other's declaration of hate against each other and could not believe their own words. Their taped confessions before their memories were erased seem to them unreal yet stark.

Jim Carrey plays Joel and Kate Winslet plays Clementine. With the way the story is presented, as a series of memories, it could have been messy but thanks to brilliant acting I symphatize with and feel the difficult situations the characters are in. Jim Carrey's performance in The Truman Show is just a teaser when compared to his performance in Eternal Sunshine.

You should watch this movie. You should watch it a couple of times more afterwards. I have a feeling that it gets better everytime you watch it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Julian Assange And Mark Zuckerberg

The picture of Assange appeared in an Iraqi demonstration protesting American presence in that country. Zuckerberg's face (with lipstick) appeared in a Tunisian pro-democracy rally as that country overthrew a long-time dictator.

That however is the case within the Arab world. The image below illustrate the dichotomy within the west. Is the social networks a double edged sword that can cut both ways?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

ChromeOS MIGHT BE RIGHTI am typing a post to my Amplify account. I have my Google Reader to monitor other sites I am watching. I also have my webmail ready. I don't know about you but the twitter browser interface is still the best way to tweet. Facebook is open in another tab. I'm listening to my favorite internet radio tunes in another tab. All this is possible using a browser which in my case is Firefox.I did have to open a Microsoft Word document yesterday. So I went to google docs and uploaded it, modified it and then saved it in the open format, odt, saved it not in my hard drive but in the cloud. Maybe ChromeOS is right. Maybe Google is right. They just don't have to rub my nose in it. is what Google Buzz should be (maybe if Google had separated it from Gmail) but is not. I am finding it very compelling but not intimidating. I don't want to call it a blog. Other sites are launching a "blog everyday" project but the simplicity of amplify just can't be ignored.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ronin And Facebook

Cue the whiners and the protesters, Facebook is making changes in its privacy policies once again. By now we should realize that if we don't want the world to know personal details about us, don't post it on Facebook.

In the opening scenes of Ronin, Sam, played by Robert de Niro, infiltrates a dark for hire group of rag tag criminals. Deidre, played by Natasha Mcelhone, asks him what he was doing. And he replies:

"Lady, I don't get into situations I don't know how to get out of."

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Internet security analysts and privacy experts are now advising people to remove their phone numbers and addresses from the site.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mainstream Media Must Grow Spine

Mainstream media is still relying on the public to vote out the lies and strengthen rational thinking by voicing out their opinions. They have underestimated the effectiveness of a 24/7 cycle of right-wing conservative propaganda. If you still doubt it, you just proved my point.

This Politicususa article by Sarah Jones should have come out during the Healthcare debates and when Wallstreet showed we cannot trust them as well as deserve our help in the form of federal money. I welcome it but it's so late.

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Note that the mainstream media was complicit in this effort as it took the media a long time to begin to identify that perhaps the Tea Party was not a grassroots movement of angry people but rather a well-funded astroturfed missile aimed at healthcare reform by financial interests.

A perfect example of this would be the successful systemic disruption of townhall meetings by Tea Party foot soldiers, which resulted in the political goal of creating chaos and fear. Lawmakers were afraid to vote for it and citizens were afraid to go speak to their representatives. While healthcare miraculously got passed even after months of political threats and violence, a part of the terrorist’s mission was accomplished. The lawmakers were now afraid of the Tea Party. Note that the mainstream media was complicit in this effort as it took the media a long time to begin to identify that perhaps the Tea Party was not a grassroots movement of angry people but rather a well-funded astroturfed missile aimed at healthcare reform by financial interests.


Scammers exploit viral video of girl falling into fountain while texting | Naked Security

Scammers are using social networks for its ease of penetration. If one of your friends click on a link, wouldn't you trust that link too? Is it the end of LINKS in social networks? Just remember the basics folks.

Links are better than using pdf files or images. Why?

When you use links you can tell your recipients WHAT the link is all about, WHERE the link will transfer them if they click, WHY they should click.

Obviously as recipients when you don't see your friend's link at the other end, we conclude this as bogus period. Fail. Don't proceed. Just close the tab.

The problem with Portable Document Format PDF is it is the favorite platform for exploits and attacks. Same with image files. This is why your email clients strip email messages of images. It's not safe. And be careful with opening pdf attachments.

Don't click links that doesn't tell you WHAT, WHERE AND WHY. I could tell you the story about the time my friend wanted me to jump and follow him into the river but I think you know where this is going.

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