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TEDTALKS comes highly recommended. It invites people to talk about different topics and people who have appeared includes craig venter, kevin kelly, and stephen hawking to name a few.

I watch TEDTALKS via an application that manages video feeds/podcasts. Miro is an open source video feed aggragator and it is in its v2 upgrade. I have the v1 though but it is still good.

March Blitz

Last fm is discontinuing free music streaming in all but three countries namely, UK, US and Germany. Starting March 30, 2009 free streaming music to all will stop unless you pay subscription. Pandora then last fm.
The web site said this is a business decision. The three countries where free music will continue, offers advert support for free music service.

Dimdim is an excellent video conferencing service for the masses. It features true computer screen sharing with multiple parties. Up to ten with free account and if you decide to upgrade to premium up to 20 participants. You can upload your presentation to their website and participants can see them just like in a whiteboard.

The site also has a private chat feature but it seems overkill just for one on one communication. Dimdim accomplishes all these without any software downloaded to your computer. Just open an account at their website here.

This is great when you have a problem with your computer and the way t…

Yahoo is Back in Business

Evolution, the email client in Ubuntu linux, is working perfectly again. It's been five months since it downloaded my mail in the Yahoo servers. No I did not go five months without email! While the rest of my email accounts are busy and doing their jobs, Yahoo mail was stuck in the web and does not want to play with my pop email client.

Yahoo mail did something. I updated today with freepops. Evolution tried to download all mail and succeeded.

Path to Linux

My path to linux began with my frustrations with Microsoft. While the road that leads away from Windows gives me more reasons to seek less insecurity, less fuss about updating, defragging and focus finally on what my goal is in computing. Use technology to be more independent and free of the mundane. Use computing for communicating my ideas to as many as possible.

Ubuntu is just one of hundreds of distributions one can use in the linux world. Linux is not just substituting one operating system with another. Linux is given freely to the community to use and modify and philosophically its members are urged to use open source software. Software that contains no proprietary codes. When you use free software you vote for community driven development. Community sponsored software is the way to go if you want to hold developers accountable to you-users. Software for users not for business models.

The Pirate Bay Trial`

(click on the image to enlarge)
Pirate Bay carried this cartoon on its website.

This cartoon image is worth a thousand words. The Pirate Bay trial is likely not going to be the last challenge to our rights to use the internet and all the resources available to us in speaking, writing and expressing our opinions in the internet.