Monday, December 29, 2014

Income Stats for 2014

I think that 2014 is a sober look at real situations coming up unexpectedly. We've started paying SSS Contributions monthly, faithfully. I want to make it a triumph beyond these figures, that paying it consistently points it out. Then there are a number of terminated contracts in the beginning of the year which coincides with the summer repairs. It takes some time to find replacements for those vacant spaces. 2014 is also the first time we implemented plans without worrying too much about income trends. It's liberating. It also prepares us for the next year or years.

I hope to continue this habit of reporting monthly about income and expenses from now on. Hopefully there's not much bad news and more excellent news. 

Here's to the new year!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


While I don't share other's taste for it, I do enjoy taking their pictures.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014: Switching Linux Distros, How Is It?

Fedora 21 (the torrent link is here) is released yesterday and I started to download the torrent around 5pm. I believe I got the news of the torrent being ready from my twitter feed. Fedora 21 is ready at last.

This is today after yum update and some additional repos downloaded for third party packages.

I did mention in my previous post that I am switching distros to see how easy it is to do this at this stage of linux development. The requirement of course is that my data would be preserved after the switch. I had openSuse 13.2 running in my computer and this is the switch to Fedora 21.

It worked very very well.

I've been monitoring my fedora mailing list and there are a few fedup upgrades that weren't going the way it was suppose to. My experience doing this switch is a happier story. I got my home directory mounted. No data loss.

The key to a successful switch like this is partitioning. A separate home directory is important to protect your data. I added up to the challenge by having a two-device plus a partition setup in a RAID0 home directory. So I have / in a separate partition formatted to btrfs, 40 GB space. I let the Fedora installer know that I have an existing RAID0 partition for my home. But make sure that the installer is not formatting this volume. This home partition is formatted in Xfs.

In summary, I want Fedora 21 installed in my / directory, replacing openSuse 13.2. I want my data mounted in place. I am using GNOME 3.14 and I expect that same desktop to welcome me in Fedora 21. I want my configuration files and preferences preserved.

One more important element here is in user creation. Use the same username and password for Fedora 21 otherwise the installer will create a new user (with a new username). It will still mount your old home directory (with the old username) but I don't think that's what you intended.

Of course you may ask what if the situation is reversed? What's the story going to be if I am starting with Fedora and going to openSuse? The answer is that linux distro installers can handle installs like this whether it's the openSuse installer or the Fedora installer.

Mom's Welcome Orchids

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Switching Linux Distros 2014: How Is It?

First week of November 2014, openSuse 13.2 was released and I installed it in my fresh computer, as in new hardware, never been used. I installed GNOME and started configuring it and using it. Then my plan was hatched after a week to switch to Fedora 21 when it comes out of development December 9th.


The schedule of its releases gave me the idea. openSuse 13.2 is coming on November 5th and Fedora 21 is tentatively coming later, hopefully by its developers' estimate on the 9th of December. Then I figured I should try and document at this stage of linux distro development how easy is it for an average user to switch distros. With two linux distros coming out of a long development ( a year) cycle for each of its own release, it's timely and fortuitous that someone try and describe the process.

Next post, I will show some details.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November Figures 2014

And then November 2014 is behind us.
I lost one tenant and gain back one. We are holding the course.

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