I have a previous post about my efforts at dual booting Ubuntu 11.04 and Arch Linux. My goal is to continue using and learning Linux. Switching between the two distros will give me the familiarity of Ubuntu and the 'forced' minimalism of Arch. Minimalism here just means using the command line and modifying config files for various customizations. Things which Ubuntu doesn't conveniently reveal to general users.

 Previous post here will explain the start of this journey.

Now where am I in this little walk. I'm using GNOME 3 in Arch because it's the latest. I'm still using the old GNOME with the Unity shell when I'm in Ubuntu 11.04. This will not last very long now because I plan to upgrade to Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot Beta tomorrow. I heard a lot of good things during the alpha. Drooling now...

An aside to the post here:
     I'm using a brand new UI for Blogger right now and there's this quirky cursor behavior. When I hit [enter] the cursor jumps to the top-left of the post. Then I hit [down-arrow] and it comes down to the correct location where I want it in the first place. Very odd, smile.

So far problems:
I've found several solutions to finding software in Arch. Compiling from source isn't the easiest and most convenient. I can do it. You can do it. But I don't think you'd like it. The extra and community repository contains most open source software you'll ever need. libalpm is solid. Pacman is the command line front end to libalpm (Arch linux Package management library). So I found my first software I can't seem to get with Arch. Shutter. It's a screen capture tool with all the plugins of GIMP and uploading features to boot.

I was looking for solutions when I found custom unsupported repository. Basically, PPA's (in the Ubuntu side of the universe). You add these personal repository in /etc/pacman.conf and pacman will source it for software. That's how I found a treasure trove of arch fonts and ubuntu fonts. But so far, no Shutter.

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