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Thunderbird Look In Ubuntu 14.04

This is how Thunderbird 24.4 looks in Ubuntu 14.04 (at least in my fresh install).

The boxy, windows 95 look, seems like it fails to find the Ambiance theme which is the default for the 14.04 lts.

This is also the case with Firefox. The rest of the default application is looking right for now.

I downloaded Gnucash yesterday and it also fails to find Ambiance theme.

Lost My Google Account; Recovered My Google Account

I lost my passwords for everything that needs a login last Sunday. I was
reinstalling my operating system and deleted my data partition in the
process. I have a backup for the core files in Dropbox. I also lost my
password for Dropbox.

So if I want a password reset for my Dropbox account, they'll send it to
my emails, right. Except I can't open any of my emails because i lost
all my passwords.

I keep all my passwords in an encrypted file in the data partition and I
keep a synchronized link to Dropbox.

I filled up the Google Account Recovery form page. It asked me some
questions about my account so I can prove or provide proof that I own
that email. I had to create a new email account so they can communicate
with me.

It took 2 days for the Google team to provide a reset link in this email
that I can access.

So thank you Google team, this story ended happily.

Theme Issues In Key Applications In Ubuntu 14.04

I am experiencing issues in Firefox, Thunderbird, Chromium-browser, LibreOffice Suite and Gnucash failing to use Ubuntu Unity's Ambiance theme, its default theme. I have tried both the 32 bit and 64 bit and both confirms this bug. It seems like this is not isolated to Ubuntu but is also reported in Mint and OpenSuse.

Thunderbird 24.4

Firefox 28.0

LibreOffice Calc

As opposed to Rhythmbox which is using the correct theme elements for Ubuntu Unity


This is a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04. Other than the obvious aesthetic inconsistencies, none of the applications affected show any other bugs.

Update: In the interest of fairness, I have reboot my Ubuntu 14.04 and all the applications above mentioned are using the Ambiance Theme for now. I don't know what is happening here. But it seems to me that the system sometimes fails to wait until every piece of software is ready to go.

Settled Down On My Ubuntu 14.04 (for now)

I did not upgrade to 14.04. I made the decision to make a clean install instead.

That bug report in launchpad is still there. I am unable to upgrade because the upgrade-tool is unable to calculate the upgrade path. It could be that I have PPA's and I use third party software (who doesn't?) and finally I have a cutting edge PPA of the latest open source graphics driver. Any of these things might be the culprit.

So I bought me a new shiny USB stick (flashdrive says the saleslady), 8GB for 550php at the local cellphone shop. I used the startup disk creator application which makes this job a pleasure. I want to shift my desktop from 32-bit to 64-bit, so I copied the amd64 version of Ubuntu 14.04. Please check if your processor support this.

After twenty minutes I am booting to my fresh Ubuntu 14.04 desktop.

I did have to download Skype and my business applictions GnuCa…

Good Friday Thoughts 2014

Be wary of people imposing their religious values on you but do not deny the simple power of faith. I sing songs to praise God and remember his blessings. I sing out of gratefulness.

The value of Good Friday is its message of real salvation by forgiveness. Ask that the evil done to you be forgiven and salvation will follow.

The way to the Hill is rocky and you will be carrying your load. People will mock you and there are traps along the path. Death will be waiting to collect. But it is Good Friday for one singular thing, somebody has paid for our ransom. We are slaves whose master has returned to claim us.

Download Ubuntu 14.04 Final Release

Ubuntu 14.04 is now available for downloads.

Check this download page and choose which channel you prefer.

Ubuntu 14.04 Released - April 17 2014

Hi Reese

I checked twitter and Ubuntu 14.04 is released.

I clicked the download page and found the bittorrent file. I started downloading at 11:45 pm local time. The Update-Manager is not returning a positive for a new version yet. Which only means that the local server in the Philippines has not been updated for the new image. bummer!

So here is what I'll do.

I am going to wait for the Update-manager to register positive and upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 as soon as it is available here. I am continuing to download the image through bittorrent to my downloads partition. I check the size. It's 1.02 GB, too big for my old 1 GB USB. I have to purchase a new one because a bootable Ubuntu image in a USB stick is a very good idea. Believe me.

Roof Repairs At Maly San Mateo

The old is pulled out and thrown in a heap. The new galvanized sheets are laid out and nailed tight.

Under the heat of the summer sun they both labor at extending the life of this old house.

They laid the sheets and top it off with the ridge roll. They put the borders later to protect the boards.

Storage Made Easy

This note is prompted by Canonical announcing the shutdown of UbuntuOne-file-sync-service. I think they are giving users until May 2014 to grab their data. I have no other option but use GDrive.

Also I’m tidying up the file structure of my GDrive so I’ll have an easier time using it now. I’m making this document the first one I am making and saving for the year 2014. Maybe I’ll have a luckier road with GDrive as my online storage. I still am looking for a tool to synchronize the folder in my local file structure with GDrive. So far I’ve installed insync but on a trial basis. I don’t think I like it when a service gives me 15 days to make up my mind.

So for the time being the only reliable tool in my desktop is Dropbox.

I’m still using Ubuntu 13.10 saucy salamander even as Ubuntu 14.04 is fast coming the stable version this month. Some are already using this LTS …

20th Anniversary of the Internet in the Philippines and I'm Watching...

We remember the first time Filipinos tasted the Internet twenty years ago and the date was March 29th. To be honest, my recollection of first using the browser to connect to the world wide web was around 1998. I was doing research for work and one of my sources asked if I have an e-mail. I don't have one so I quickly applied for one at Yahoo. Since then I am hooked.

Last Saturday I celebrated this milestone by watching the very first viral clip in Youtube I can remember capturing my attention and my imagination. The clip was the Battle at Kruger.
It's more than eight minutes of pleasure watching the wildlife drama play out in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The video was uploaded by Jason Schlosberg.

the buffaloes return for their young

they start charging at the lions