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Easy To Use Posterous

Posterous is a blog service that gets you. I post via email and my favorite tool for that is my email client.  In fact even if my browser is open and I feel the urge to scratch I still have my desktop configured to send email through the desktop email client. I use Ubuntu 10.04 and Evolution as the default email client.  Posterous integrates well with both.  See and download the full gallery on posterous

Cute Girl Dances In Samsung Galaxy Ad

This video has viral written all over it. 
It has a cute little girl dancing at the start.  It has a beautiful danceable tune.
It opens to a bright neighborhood.  And people are dancing. 
Did I mention she's cute?

Jango:listen,learn and enjoy

I've never enjoyed myself better than listening to music at Jango.  I have three full music stations in the site.  All three were created two years ago and I have not changed the line up much since then. What's amazing with Jango is that their music doesn't skip a beat or pause a micro second when I try to click anything in the web site.  I listen to my music and I get to play around with the links.  Wow.