Wednesday, April 29, 2009

29.04.2009 20:14:06

Three days after I downloaded and installed Ubuntu
Linux 9.04 Jaunty, I am now using a well oiled operating
system configured to my liking.

I also read most of the complaints and questions
in the ubuntu forums. I did not find anything resembling
a pandemic of bugs or installation woes. It is the usual
rant of confusing installations and "it's not working"
comments that the novice sends during a stampede to get
the latest Ubuntu version.

Steps I did for a smooth installation of Ubuntu

1. Backup. Save your data. You should know your
personal folders. These are documents, family pictures,
personal video clips and music. Get your email folders
and contacts folders. Move them to another partition or

2. Download. Get your new copy of Ubuntu and use
torrents. I got the desktop version via torrents. I
finished the download in 55 minutes during the afternoon
peak traffic time of the day. I still have the torrent
files in my client. I'm going to leave it there until
nobody needs it anymore.

3. Install. No need to check cd burn. Always make
sure to pick the slower burning speed (about 8x to 10x)
and the torrent client checks the downloaded files against
the hash on file.

4. Get Additional Software. Download the restricted
extras. This time I had to get Tracker because it's not
included in the default bundle. I also remember Miro.
Miro is getting to be an indispensable app for getting
tv, clips, and youtube into my computer without too much

5. Restore. Move my data folders back from backup
to the /home/user folder in the new Ubuntu version. Restore
evolution data and set former settings.

6. Configure the desktop environment. Download
compiz config manager to assist in customizing the look
and feel of the desktop. This involves tweaking, keyboard
shortcuts changes, theme changes, font changes and testing
all your applications. Just opening and closing windows.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28.04.2009 09:15:51

The centerpiece of the desktop pc is the email client.
I don't know about you but the first application I look for
inside my desktop is the email handler. The email client
also collects the feeds from various news orgs, blogs and
articles in the internet. If your internet site has RSS or
something similar then it goes to my email client.

The email client slash feed reader must also keep tabs
of my contacts and contact information. This bundle of
information might include their names, address, contact
number, email address, blog url, (anything on how to get
in touch with them), day of birth, anniversary, anything
I have to remember about the contact. This can be a fair
amount of information, a vital piece of information (for
a sales representative perhaps) or something that can break
a relationship if forgotten.

The email client that I use has calendars and appoint-
ment keeping functions. Why separate this from the email
function? People sometimes want to have light apps doing
only one thing. It doesn't matter to me one way or the
other, as long as they work fine. The trouble with one
big heavy application to handle email, contacts and noti-
fications/alerts, is resource requirement and built-in
buggyness. The application is doing a lot in the back-
ground and not paying attention to user input(keyboard
and mouse clicks) then hangs. Then waits an interminable
time for an answer from a server. Then hangs once again.
Then user says it's buggy. The application is doing what
it's suppose to do.

What we need is to improve the email client because
it is important to the desktop.
28.04.2009 10:10:37

I discover the wonderful world of file sharing about
two weeks ago. Forgive me but I am slow. The Bit Torrent
application is included with the Ubuntu operating system
since the very beginning and I often wondered what that
small handle icon is about. That and the fear of catching
a virus or worm (from my windows days) kept me from
exploring the torrent world of file sharing.

With the coming Ubuntu 9.04 download I thought I try
other methods of getting my linux. I brushed up on my
torrent lingo and read the basics and protocols of the
community. I have since used the service to download a
half dozen or so of software and music files. Great so
far. Some torrents are faster than others, with some
members of the torrent community unable to reign in their
emotions especially about very slow connections.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Everybody is invited to try Ubuntu Linux 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. This is Canonical's newest version of Linux. If you have a torrent client on your desktop or laptop it's better to download through the torrent (please don't remove torrent files right away, contribute to the community).

Use this page link to the download page for your convenience. Thank you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

20/04/2009 13:09:37

The rise of small laptops called netbooks is
fueled by the downturn in the economy. Since most
people use these machines for simple everyday stuff
like email, browsing and instant messaging, demand is

The operating system most tailor-fit for the
netbook is Linux because it is designed for low-power
chips and for applications that demand little in
hardware and power. Linux is also open source and
free. Most of the applications and software bundled
with it is also free and open source. These give
netbook vendors the opportunity to offer these machines
at a much lower price.

Response to Torture

20/04/2009 10:34:10

This is a response to the New America Foundation
clip with Jane Mayer the author of "The Hidden Power"
being interviewed about the Bush Whitehouse after 9/11.

There will be more instances where human rights
are going to be violated. Our leaders will tell us that
it is in our best interest to torture others in the name
of security. They will tell us that in order to protect
us they need wider powers and immunity for the actions
that they will need to take in the name of patriotism.

Torture is wrong. Information gathered through
its use is largely unreliable. Get the terrorists, get
the criminals, but don't give me a "no accountability"
provision when we are talking about human rights.

Our basic rights as human beings are the most
important things to safeguard and yet the most easily
ignored in the pursuit of security as if the two are
separate and disjointed. For those who push fear and
paranoia, I dare ask, who will protect me from the
excesses of power if the first thing they're going to
ask me to give up is my rights.

Mr. Dick Cheynee is wrong for saying that
America is made weaker and vulnerable when Mr. Barack
Obama made public disclosures of the so called torture
memos. The policy of ignoring the Geneva Conventions
made America more vulnerable. By surrendering american
democratic values Mr. Cheynee gave up the most potent
weapon in america's arsenal-the moral high road.

I believe that america will choose it if
completely informed. I trust America will take this
road, if for nothing else, because they love the truth.
I believe that america can take it and will be stronger
because of it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

With Kindle 2 being sold at $359 and kindle downloads still costing you more than the ink version, why is the newspaper industry singing a dirge?

Are some more able than others in surviving the economic downturn and the shift in the business model? The Washington Post is doing well and making a profit. The New York Times is also doing fine.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ACN Video phone

Mina sent a video phone kit to us here in Manila. These new gadgets work on the principle of voice over internet protocol VOIP. Just connect them to the router and they download the owner's personal profile and contacts/settings. And apparently they work anywhere in the world, these things have their ip addresses in the United States so... if I make a phone call to Houston it's like a local call!

How long will it take for Skype to have their own dedicated hard phone available for consumers? I mean for those who just want to make a call without opening their computers, this is going to be very attractive.

Problem With Mail Authentication In Evolution Mail

I encounter this pervasive and nagging bug in Evolution Mail's strange relationship with its co-GNOME app called Seahorse (although this...