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An Opinion on the South China Sea Crisis

Some important matters before I give my opinion on the South China Sea crisis. Exclusive Economic Zones are legal prescriptions based on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.Our own Constitution mandates us to defend it and protect it.

It is unfortunate that our Armed Forces is ill-equipped to answer the security threat that is China. Upgrading our Navy and Air Force to the standards of a modern Defence force will take a lot of our resources away from social programs and maybe even impact needed infrastructures for economic development. Our lawmakers and opinion movers should now be undertaking a comprehensive assessment of prioritizing where our limited money goes. These matters extend beyond the term of a congressman or a president so it should not be left to the vagaries of an election or mood of the public.

The Philippines submitted documents to a United Nations court for a clarification of the UNCLOS as it applies to the South China Sea crisis. The Philippines do n…

My Apology

I kept a blog for about a year in Posterous before it was devoured and sold. I thought then it's all right because I have Bloggers as a back up. I was wrong.

I usually upload images for that blog in its servers. I did not transfer those images to another server and I lost them. Some of the images I have in my local hard drive but some are forever lost. Wu-who.

Now I've learned my lesson. Back up. Back up. Back up.

You might want to browse my Wordpress blog which I kept in parallel with the Posterous one and kept the images in their own servers.

So I apologise to you if you browse the archives and come across some posts which are missing some images. I am trying to edit them and connect them to the back up or to link them to relevant images.

I am sorry but this is my fault. I am lazy. I'll do better.

Thank You Google

Very nice and thank you for the thought.

My Forty-Seventh

I did some digging in the old picture books that my sister kept. I asked her to give me the oldest photos so I can scan and save them.  I want to rescue them from decay by digitizing these precious ones and to save them in my hard drive. Ultimately, I uploaded them to a cloud service. For the very special ones. I uploaded them to more than one.

I think I'm three and a couple of months old here. My dad bought me a bike. I remember this bike when it was rusting in the garage.

I was nervous about the whole thing. See how I smiled?

My feet can just barely touch the pedals. My father was a race bike fan. I think he had plans for me after this.

My birthday is just around the corner. When I see myself in the mirror I tend to break into this smile wondering how my feet got here.

My forty-seventh. It's 2014. I wonder if I'm not suppose to last this long. Like the bike.


Our Ylang-ylang produce such an odor all over the yard and it's most notable during sunset and early evening when the day starts to cool down.

The street urchins who sell them, usually put its flowers to top off a sampaguita garland.

Gnucash 2

An entry window would train inexperienced users (especially non-accountants) in double-entry bookkeeping and the finer points of recording financial transactions properly.

The 2012 cycle gave me a gross profit rate of 13%. 2013 gave me a 19% gross profit rate. The perfectly symmetric bars of 2014 gave me 34%.

These tells me I'm learning and making better decisions. I'm using resources more efficiently. I'm getting 34 pesos for every 100 pesos as profit. By the way, the 3rd group of bars isn't complete yet. It's only 5 months, 7 more months to go.

Using Gnucash In Small Business

It has been 2 years and 5 months since the family business was handed to me and managing it has been an everyday concern.

After switching from LibreOffice spreadsheets to Gnucash, I've been having a lot of fun doing accounting and analysis with the small business finances.

Here is free software helping a small business like mine.

I've been recording the everyday transactions directly into the registers. I have a bookkeeping background. It is much easier for me perhaps than somebody going in without any previous experience.

I would like to give then a small advice. An input space/ window perhaps where transactions can be entered raw should be included.


When the thieves forced the door at R1, that's Dalia Robledo's apartment, they had to neutralize two locking mechanisms. People inside were not aware of the intrusion until it was too late. Luckily, nobody got hurt. The thieves got away with the a month old tv set.

I replaced the door locks, and installed a brand new dead bolt lock.

I changed this blog's theme and template. I increased the width and picked a nice background to update everything. I guess if you're viewing this blog on a mobile device it won't make a difference.

It's nice. Very nice.

Ferns In The Shade

Tip of the Stem