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Linux Users Aren't Afraid Of Text Commands

I saw the Update Manager icon so it has to be that my computer needed some downloading to do. But as soon as I hit the button for Update, the Updater crashes. I tried to restart the GUI frontend for APT in Ubuntu Unity but again it crashes.

What does a Linux user do if the GUI wont work?

He tries the Terminal, of course.  So type CNTRL+ALT-T to get to the Gnome terminal with the blinking cursor. Then update the system by typing:

$ sudo apt-get update

Afterwards type:

$ sudo apt-get upgrade

If it offers upgrades then hit the enter button. In my case I have a few packages that APT wants to hold back. I noted these packages. Then hit the enter button to proceed with the upgrade.

Two Graphs: Cash Balance and Gross Profit Analysis

These are Cash Balances at the beginning of the month since October 2011 to June 2014. I made this graph using LibreOffice Spreadsheet. The data cash points are in blue dots and the dotted curve line is my model which has an r squared of 0.85. I tried other formulas for the model built in but this one has the highest r2.

Highest r2 means most of the data points fits the model.

The line curves upwards which tells me that cash levels are more likely to increase. Data points appearing above the line means I have underspend and data points under the line means I have overspend.

I have shown a graph like this in this blog here.

The blue data set is revenue. The red data set is expenses.

I have extended the data set to include the latest for June 2014. As you can see there's a bright spot there. Greater separation between the two sets of points. I hope it holds.

How To De-Stress Your Subscriber

Dear PLDT Home

It has been 24 days since I applied and paid for your ULTERA wireless offering. Since then I have personally gone to your sales office to inquire the status of my application. I have sent tweets to @pldt_cares and to their defense they have replied in two occasions. One of your support people even called to tell me that they have my payment and asked me what particular plan I want. But that was 13 days ago.

Since then I have been trying to justify the long wait for the install crew to show up and start my upgrade to this plan. Could they have gotten my address wrong? What's the hold up here? I mean install crews shouldn't just appear in the right house, the owners, the subscriber has got to be present. Imagine if the tech guys find the house and the only ones answering is bantay and muning.

Then today I received a very thoughtful email from you. The subject of the email is "Health & Fitness Program For Your Computer". How to de-stress your co…

Reblogged: Courtney's Burlap Grad

Courtney Barich wants to raise $10,000 for a Philippine orphanage. She's a Grade 12 student in Surrey, BC.

Courtney's Burlap Grad

No To Mass Surveillance

Use encryption in email and chats.

See What's Happening With My Google Drive

Since losing Ubuntu One, us, Ubuntu users had to scramble to find a replacement. Since I already use a Google account I have Google drive. Its 15 GB free storage is more than enough for my documents and pictures. But no Google drive client for linux.

Of course there's Insync, a cross platform Google drive client.

I prefer the open source application, Grive which is still in beta. There were reports of the application wiping files and other bugs. My only whine includes the slow start of the sync process as compared with Dropbox. Other than that, my files appear to be synchronized.

I tried using links to folders to automatically make a backup of files and it works.

Nautilus file manager's Google drive folder with links to local folders.

Google Drive dashboard as the folders appear after sync.

China is Made of Cement

This is why there are empty cities in China. Well this and most chinese can't afford the rent.

Philippine Independence Day

Happy Independence Day Philippines!

June 12th 1896, then leader of the revolution against Spain, Emilio Aguinaldo, proclaimed Philippine Independence in Cavite. This puts the Philippines as the first country to break free from its colonizer in Asia.

What If...

From its beginnings in 1989

Hong Kong gathers to remember Tiananmen Square Protests 1989 today. It's been 25 years since the student led protests.

OTR: Encrypted Instant Messaging

Use Pidgin Instant Messaging client if you want to encrypt instant messaging. The version in the 14.04 repository comes ready with OTR plugin. Unfortunately Empathy with OTR wasn't included with Ubuntu 14.04.

Empathy with OTR works as of May 2014. Read about it here.

A demo [video]

I'm hoping that it will be released soon!

Email Self-Defense Infographic (edited for this blog)

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Mailvelope, Encryption for Webmail

Encryption is the topic of week. I wrote about it in a related post here. While encryption is a very good idea, doing it and doing it every day as part of your work flow is another thing. My view is that if you're already using an email client then it is easier, simpler and more convenient to adopt encryption.

That is not the case if you're using a webmail service. If you are using the browser to check, compose and send your email, what are your options?

The answer is: it's complicated.

Looking for a way to do encryption with Google Chrome and Gmail, I found this. I also read that Google just released code for email encryption as open source. But it's a long way to being used by end users.

The extension for Google Chrome works fine if the recipient also uses Google Chrome.
But I went ahead and check this on Evolution.