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Some More Furniture Repair Photos

Some pieces of wood are truly sublime.

You put your ass on it after a long day and if it's truly a long day then put your legs up too. You deserve it.

After M Roger stripped the old stained varnish from this little one, it sat for a while staring back naked.

Now it looks shiny and new.

The Big Round Table Spun Back to Life

We bought it right after we moved to our house in Maly. It is the first material investment made so that the new house would look normal.

Of course we had a television and a refrigerator. We don't have a dinner table. I think we ate in front of the tv.

After purchasing this big round table, our family ate together like civilized people.



That was 1970. We grew old and dad passed away.

The six chairs that came with it is now ruined, damaged. They're in storage. I don't think they're salvageable. But I have this.

So I told M Roger, our friendly handyman to apply a fresh coat of varnish on the thing. He did more than that, I believe. And he's not yet finished.

New "New Tab" Look For Google Chrome

I updated Google Chrome today and got this when I clicked on the New Tab.

How To Solve Auth_Failed Error In Ubuntu One

If you're getting an error like this when you open ubuntu one client, then it means the token file saved in your hard drive is corrupted and useless. You have to generate a fresh one and restart the ubuntu one daemon.

I will recommend you read this helpful documentation from Ubuntu One for completeness.

Run Seahorse (alt+F2, then type seahorse). If you're using Unity just use the power key+A, then type Password and Keys, Enter key. Filter the keys by typing ubuntu one. Right-click on the specific tokens and delete them. Close Seahorse after you're done.

Open the Ubuntu One client and it should prompt you to login. Follow the login steps. Just like when you first run Ubuntu One in your computer.

Ubuntu One Auth Failed Error

I have been seeing these error in Ubuntu One client since yesterday and wondering if a recent update is the source.

I checked my account via web and the last time any file was sync was 20 hours ago. Should I be worried?

I can obviously login via web to my account using my passwords. Are Ubuntu One servers limiting how many times I can access or sync my files? Is this a real software problem? Is this a configuration problem?

January News

    A gas station at the end of the street now. Busy main street below the town marker.

    newest addition to the local shops. John Brian's hair/ beauty.

January Was A Cold Cold Month

It wasn't the polar vortex that did it and it wasn't the frosted strawberries up in Baguio either. It's when we do what we have to do to set it right and there's no going around it. I looked up to find distractions. I searched for a thought to fill up a shell which I know will echo anyway. I will hear the blame, I will hear the anger, and I will hear the sorry reasons. I will accept a settled handshake from a friend.

I said goodbye to a friend for maybe a long long time. He has to go. I have to let him go. I put the scattered objects of friendship in a box for storage. Let me keep these, my friend.