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File System Conflict Error During Updates

I usually update Arch Linux twice a week. Today I updated and issued:

$pacman -Syu

It proceeded to download the packages but stopped at:

Error:{package}/path/to/file already exists in the filesystem
could not proceed with update.

Taken from

Why this is happening: pacman has detected a file conflict, and by design, will not overwrite files for you. This is a design feature, not a flaw.

The issue is usually trivial to solve. A safe way is to first check if another package owns the file (pacman -Qo /path/to/file). If the file is owned by another package, file a bug report. If the file is not owned by another package, rename the file which 'exists in filesystem' and re-issue the update command. If all goes well, the file may then be removed.

If you had installed a program manually without using pacman or a frontend, you have to remove it and all its files and reinstall properly using pacman.

Every installed package provides /var/lib/pacman/local…

Chromium Browser Impressions

I use Chromium browser, the open source version of Google's Chrome browser. I am in version 19.x right now after update a few days ago.

Whenever I want a quick see and connect to any web site, this is the browser I go to. However, when I go to surf the wild and dark corners of the web I switch to a hardened Firefox with NoScript and Adblock. I do not have the confidence to roam these sites when I'm using Chromium. Using Chromium on some regular sites, I find random tabs and windows open with scripts. It doesn't give me confidence if a browser is unable to block these kind of random scripts.

And I have popups disabled in the settings!

Upgrade Linux Kernel

Arch Linux upgraded to kernel 3.4.2 today. Actually June 15 yesterday it's already in the servers.

Linux 3.5 is the development version. Maybe in three weeks it would be ready for testers.
For now I am seeing some good performance from 3.4.x.

You are invited to view "Donato Roque's photo"

View Photo Message from Donato Roque: Dad met Mom in 1965 and they got married the next year June, 1966. Four children, two boys and two girls.

Happy Fathers Day Dad.

He passed away May, 2003. He was 76 years old. If you are having problems viewing this email, copy and paste the following into your browser: To share your photos or receive notification when your friends share photos, get your own free Picasa Web Albums account.

Strength Of Character

How do you measure it? What are the elements of a strong character?

Are you enthusiastic about life in general? Do you find some things
worth pursuing?

Are you thankful for the everyday surprises? Are you even aware of them?

When you receive something are you gratified? Did you show your gratitude?

Do you laugh? Do you appreciate humour? When people laught at something
(or at you) do you see it from their point of view?

Of course, intrinsic in answering all these questions, is honesty.

It's Complicated

Ignorance is bliss.

Epiphany and Flash

If you're like me, using Epiphany, the GNOME browser, the latest update to Adobe's Flash disabled flash in your favorite browser.

I'm assuming you already downloaded and installed the latest flash from your distro's repository. Then all you have to do is point the browser to the right directory so it will use the newly installed version of flash.

So open your terminal and type:

$ nspluginwrapper -v -a -i

Test your browser plugins. Open Epiphany and play videos or go to Youtube.

It should be working now.

LinkedIn Advisory Re Password Breach

Yesterday news broke out that LinkedIn user passwords (including eHarmony) were dumped to the open internet. Here's what LinkedIn said about the issues.

highlights are mine.

Venus Transiting the Sun

It won't happen again until 2117 and 2125. Last June 6 and 7 2012, Venus passed between the Sun and Earth. Celestial bodies do this all the time, but to us, humans, the experience is one of awe. Unique. We see with our own eyes what science tells us.

(NASA images)

(NASA images)

(NASA images)

The last image is made of composite images taken from space. great images.

"Today You, Tomorrow Me"

This is a Reddit post by MD786 about an incident in the highway that changed how he looked at life.

The post is titled Have You Picked Up a Hitchhiker?

Be ready with a tissue box.

Open Source Initiative


My last post is about Open Source and Free Software. I would like to add this resource to the discussion.

The Open Source Initiative is a non-profit organization ...

Libre Ang Open Source, Free Software

Mahalaga ang Open Source o Free Software dahil ang ginagamit nating mga
programs sa ating computer ay kailangang malaya nating nagagamit. Kung
bumibili ka ng mga software mula sa lehitimong nagbebenta nito ang
software mong nabili ay hindi mo pa rin maaring ibigay sa iba para
magamit nila. Ngunit ang Free Software ay maaring mong ibigay sa iba,
suriin para baguhin, o kaya ay gamitin naaayon sa iyong pangagailangan.

Kaya naman maraming developers sa buong mundo ang nagbibigay ng kanilang
talino at panahon para mapaunlad ang Open Source at Free Software. Sila
ay hindi binabayaran (ngunit ilan sa kanila ay empleyado ng mga kompanya
at organisasyon). Sila ay kusang gumagawa para mapabuti ang software sa
computer natin.

Parami ng parami ang gumagamit ng Free Software. Kung gumagamit ka ng
Firefox browser, ito ay produkto ng Mozilla na isang matagumpay na
kompanya ng Open Source. Ako ay gumagamit ng Linux. Ang Linux ay isang
operating system na gaya ng Windows at Mac OS X ngunit…

Unity and GNOME 3: "keyboard it"

Ubuntu Linux uses Unity and GNOME 3. Your choice. But both these new
linux desktops are generally sympathetic to keyboard persons. In other
words if you know the keyboard shortcuts and prefer using them over the
mouse, you will get along very well with either one.

GNOME 3 extensions doesn't provide a smooth enough solution to GNOME 3
customizations. They are still buggy and I'm not really sure if the
fault lies with the extensions or with GNOME 3. Finally I have to raise
my arms up and kind of accept the default GNOME 3. I have to change the
default icon theme to faenza first.

I alternate between Ubuntu's Unity and GNOME in Arch. I don't want to
settle down to one or the other. I can say that it still works for me
because I'm a keyboard person. Without the keyboard shortcuts, I'm not
sure I can use any of them.

It also explains why people prefer the Unity launcher fixed rather than
in hide mode. Pushing the mouse pointer to the left side to get to th…

Enter Firefox 13

Just upgraded to the new Firefox 13 minutes ago. Mozilla did it!

Firefox 13 is faster to start and smooth to configure and close. I am using Firefox 13 in GNOME 3.4, Arch Linux. I have a 32-bit linux kernel 3.3.7. As always I have NoScript 2.4.3 ( I have yet to upgrade to NoScript 2.4.4), HTTPS Everywhere and Better Privacy enabled.

Arch Linux Desktop 2012

Linux kernel 3.3.7
Arch Linux with GNOME 3.4
I find the wordpress blog compose page so accomodating to how I create a blog post.

This is how it looks today revealed in Chromium/webkit. I forgot what particular theme this is. Sorry.

Bakit Hindi Mo Subukan Ang Ubuntu Linux?

Nagsimula akong gumamit ng Ubuntu Linux noong 2005. Ang version noon ay
6.10 Edgy Eft. Sawa na ko sa virus at malware na palagi kong inaalis sa
computer ko noong ang ginagamit kong operating system ay Windows XP. Ito
ang nagtulak sa akin para subukan ang Linux.

Hanggang ngayon ay hindi ako nagsisisi na ginamit ko ang Linux.