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Today is the final release of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon the version
designated as 7.10, the most stable release of Ubuntu for
October 2007.

I started the upgrade process by opening my upgrade manager and
looks like it is going to be an all night session of download.

Everybody who had the chance to preview the beta and alpha versions
are excited and praised the new features which should solidify the
improvements already included in Feisty Fawn. Ubuntu has another
winner with Gutsy Gibbon.

If this works on my computer after the install, you'll hear all about
it in the morning. Or not. The estimated download time is from
10 to 14 hours. See you tomorrow. I leave the computer on to
download the upgrade because this is important.

It did not go as planned. Somewhere down the fetching process
my upgrade stopped. I reset the download and finished it when
I got home at 7 in the evening. When I reboot, the fresh install
did not recognize my graphics card and it shows me the log in
page in the wrong resol…

Assertion of Responsibility

The science of global warming and climate change has a lot of
open questions yet to resolve . This means a lot of research and
study to be discussed by scientists and validated in scientific labs
and controlled experiments. The equally mounting evidence to its
being a fact of science is undeniable now. Our generation is in
fact living its initial effects.

The major producers of carbon emissions are the manufacturing
activities of the economy. Our dependence on carbon fuel for our
cars and other vehicles and machines to produce our electricity to
power our homes and everyday activities put us, man, in the
center of this science.

Much like the controversy when Darwin first put out his theory of
evolution, global warming and climate change put us and science
too close to exercise our detached observations. A lot is at stake,
only the future of the world and its finite resources.

While most educated men adopts a positive attitude of recognizing
the conclusions of scientists and global experts, th…

Changing My Gnome

I have made some changes in my desktop. Having two panels in the
screen really flattens the view and I figured I have space to give

I pulled the upper panel to the left side to maximize my mouse
movements on the left area. I made a couple of nice background
images to complement the new order and set them up to fit nicely
within the 30 pixel panels and to enhance the icons. I added a
gedit application icon. I noticed I kept clicking Applications when
I could put the icon out in the panel. I resisted the urge to put more
icon in the panel as the vertical space there proved to be becoming
a little bit crowded.

I disabled beryl and compiz all together because that is not how I work
and it just does not fit with my work flow. It is nice to the eye but I
made my decision. It made my job faster, more efficient. I guess until
the next eye candy comes around.

Using the Epiphany Browser

To appreciate the Gnome desktop for all its sensible functions and
the simple interface, I have to use the default elements that come
with it. I am using Evolution for my email client, Totem for video
playing and Rhythmbox for audio/music playback.

I downloaded Epiphany to replace Firefox, the default browser of
Ubuntu. I wanted a tighter running of the Gnome desktop and to
achieve this a default Gnome browser.

It is quite easy to migrate my Firefox bookmarks to Epiphany. Typing
and remembering bookmarks in Epiphany is more intuitive and
convenient. I just had to do some editing to the titles so they'd
reflect the pages appropriately.