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Milestones 2016

NASA wants you. Yes you can send your resume and apply at NASA for Mars
duty. They want to hear from you and get future astronauts for long term
space vogages. I think you have to convince them that you are 10 for 10
for this trip because it would cost around 55 Billion and cover at least
a decade.


Microsoft love linux. Microsoft is now a member of the Linux Foundation.
Why? Because it now makes perfect business sense to play with Linux,
that's why.

The former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos was hastily buried in
the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani after a Supreme Court decision to allow such
was handed down. This event is a partial reversal of the People Power
Revolution of 1986 when the military, police and civil society staged a
revolution to remove Marcos from power. It gives his heirs some
political room especially his son Bong Bong Marcos who ran as a VP

It's Maly Fiesta in honor of Sta. Cecilia, November 22.

Mina joined us flying from Houston to Manila …

Firefox Updated To 50

An updated operating system is a cornerstone of security. Mozilla
Firefox 50 released a few days ago is now available in the Ubuntu repos.
My system is configured to update automatically. If you check your logs
(e.g. /var/log/syslog) regularly, you probably noticed that Ubuntu
checks for available updates several times within the day. I got my
notification that a new version is available right from the Firefox
browser. No problem I just restart the browser.

The browser is a critical piece of software as it is the primary tool we
use to connect to networks including the Web. Updating it as soon as
possible is important to security overall. Every update brings security
patches, performance enhancements and new features.

How To Resize Logical Volumes

I've been using my Ubuntu set up since March and downloading stuff from
the Internet. I have initially set my logical volumes like these:

/dev/mapper/ubuntu-vg/Music-lv 300GB 38% used
/dev/mapper/ubuntu-vg/Videos-lv 400GB 83% used

My Volume group is 2.05TB

I will be needing additional space for Videos-lv. I decided to take the
70% free space available from the RAID5 device. I opened the terminal
and typed:

#lvextend -l 70%PVS -r /dev/ubuntu-vg/Videos-lv /dev/md0
#lvresize -l 70%PVS -r /dev/ubuntu-vg/Videos-lv /dev/md0

The -r flag also resizes the underlying filesystem and not just the
logical volumes.

Donald Trump Is The 45th President of the United States

and he is preparing to move with his transition team into the Oval Office. His election is a shock to many political observers and the world in general. Donald Trump, the president-elect, ran against Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and for many the most qualified candidate for the presidency in many years. This has led to many post election analysis of how this upset happened. The numbers of votes for each candidate and the comparisons with previous presidential elections point to the fact that the white vote for Mr. Trump is solid all throughout but the minority and black votes did not come for Mrs. Clinton. This is what happened in crucial States like Michigan and Florida. The Republicans kept Congress and the Senate. It is quite notable that Russia and in particular, Vladimir Putin, is happy that they are going to talk to Mr. Trump rather than Mrs. Clinton. It is also a …

Sunset in Paradise

remembering the departed,
across the sunset and the shadows grow.
They follow long... and sun, low on the horizon
whispers the song that puts you to sleep.
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All Souls Day, Remembering The Dead

In the Philippines we remember our departed and pray for their souls today.

Donato Roque@Asus_Z00AD

Internet Of Things

This gadgets, this appliances, were elevated to the level of computers,
tablets and smartphones without the necessary protection against
hacking. Our refrigerators, cameras, DVRs and soon our cars are joining
us in the Internet and it is trivial to turn these against us. It looks
like a bad start for something so promising.

Is connecting and networking these things as hard as hacking them?
There's no doubt humans are in the Internet and they would want their
things with them. Some of us are just learning to swim and they are
loading sharks and other monsters into the pool. How can we turn it
around? The gadgets responsible for the DDoS were made by a single
manufacturer. So I guess they learned something very important. Have we
all learn the lesson?