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March 31

Somewhere in the cacophony of patches issued out for Ubuntu something better happened to Rhythmbox. I used to complain about streams in my Rhythmbox.
I went to Edit-->Preferences-->Playback and increase the memory cache and performance increased considerably. You have to see for or hear for yourself. My slow connection really is the main problem but until that gets fixed this is a welcome troubleshooting response from the development community. Thank you.

March 27, 2008 and Passwords

I don't see how Canonical can improve Ubuntu Gutsy version 7.10.

Even as they update the kernel and the download manager, I am now using Firefox 3 beta 4 in Gutsy courtesy of the Mozilla download. Gutsy just feels very happy working with the latest browser. Can I just download the latest Gnome version 2.22 and be done with it?

I also want to know why Synaptic isn't prompting me for an update to Pidgin because the last time I checked Pidgin already released a new version. I am wondering if it is safe to just go to the Pidgin website and download Pidgin version 2.40.

I guess that's why Ubuntu is released every 6 months because not only is the operating system being updated but also the software and the package are replaced with updated versions and some of the not-so-needed ones left out of the new release.

Some people like me just can't wait. I am a fan. I just want to express my admiration of the developers and people who prepare Ubuntu for the twice a year release.…

Firefox 3 beta 4 Is Ready

The browser of the future is now being designed and tested. Mozilla is coming out with Firefox 3 and Microsoft is coming out with Internet Explorer 8.

Several other niche browsers such as Flock and Epiphany are enjoying the loyalty of their own communities.

I use Mozilla browser with my Gnome desktop. Firefox has been in the forefront of browser security and update service since it came out in 2005. Now that Firefox 3 is on beta 4, I am impressed with the improvements.

From the new Gecko 1.9 rendering engine to the improved memory usage, firefox 3 is set to gain more users to the detriment of Internet Explorer.

There are improvements too in the area of web site evaluation which will result in improved user browsing. This new Firefox is truly an internet browser built for the savvy cyber surfer.

Even at this stage, a beta release of Firefox 3 proves more stable and nimble in my Ubuntu linux Gnome environment than any browser including its predecessor, Firefox 2.

Firefox 3 looks and feels…

Gedit, Word Editing In Linux

I want to write about blogging using Ubuntu software
for a long time now. I want to focus on Gedit because
it comes by default with Ubuntu Gnome.
the open source answer to MS Office comes with
the Ubuntu package too.
Gedit is lightweight and fast. This is what I use in my
typing, word processing and blogging. It is quick and
painless hacking. Copy and paste has never been
easier. If I need to print to a formal document I just
open, copy / paste, and edit settings
to my liking. I can always print directly from Gedit
but to tweak the settings and check for spellings and
use the thesaurus I open
Gedit uses tabs so I can open multiple files and switch
between them if I need to. I can open as many as I want
and not worry about memory and my hardware.
Gedit has Autocheck Spelling and Search/Replace text
functions. Be sure you download the necessary language
dictionary through Synaptic and set language in the
tools menu.
It can automatically save files to s…