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Fly-by Of The Planet Pluto

Yes I am calling it the *planet* Pluto. 
NASA sent New Horizon in 2006, it traveled 2.8 billion miles to get this pictures. Just amazing. 
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Changes In Email Defaults

Hi Reese
Using an email client like Evolution make email policy changes a breeze. I use several mail providers and I choose Gmail as default. I want to use a signature below every email I send even as I change which mail provider I want to use to send it. I can do that using Evolution's Preference Window. 
You just couldn't do that (easily) with a web mail. You couldn't use OpenPGP to sign and encrypt email without an email client like Evolution or Thunderbird. Not conveniently anyway. If I want to manage my PGP keys I can with a capable email client. If you are concerned about privacy or the integrity of your email communications then you should be using an email client. 
I am using Fedora (twenty-two) Linux as operating system and Evolution as my default email client. I do open my web mail through the browser just to check what I'm missing. 
Perhaps the elephant in the room when comparing web mail and desktop email clients is speed. Browser scripts have always been faste…

Ask Fedora Welcomes Me

I was searching for answers about vnstat setup in Fedora 22 so I opened an account in Ask Fedora. Maybe you can help me. I have vnstat monitoring network traffic in my computer desktop but I want to automate start every boot. Yes I know, it's systemd so use systemctl right? The service starts all right but the database doesn't get updated. I have to be root and vnstatd -d it every time I boot. 

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No Access To Encryption Is Best Solution Says Experts

" there is no viable technical solution that would allow the American and British governments to gain "exceptional access" to encrypted communications without putting the world's most confidential data and critical infrastructure in danger."  This is the conclusion of eminent cryptographers and computer security specialists who will be putting out a paper addressed to both the US and British government intelligence agencies. --
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