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Brand New Hard Drive

I picked up the replacement hard drive this afternoon at PCdepot. I
bought a 40 GB Intel SSD for 4,350.00.

The Ubuntu 12.04 installation went very well and took only 15 minutes
from boot to opening the desktop for updates. I created a separate Home
directory. I chose to encrypt the Home directory this time. I figured
I'm going to stay with this setup for a very long time this time.


I decided to split the 40 GB Intel SSD into two equal parts for Ubuntu
and Arch. I haven't installed Arch yet. I'll do it tomorrow.

Old Hard Drives

I had to leave my 1 TB Seagate hard drive at PCDepot last 6th of
September. BIOS can not detect the darn thing anymore. The good news is
it is under warranty. I purchased it last January. I just had to wait 2
weeks for the replacement.

I am now using the old 40 GB Samsung hard drive I purchased back in 2008
October. It is still humming and running well. The 40 GB storage
capacity is quite restrictive and now Ubuntu is warning me that I'm
about to run out of hard drive space. I ran $ df -h and it confirms I've
used 92% of the hard drive space.

Time to slow down the download. Time to delete the trash and clean out
the file system.

I Want To Come Home From Listening To Political Speech

It is easy to remain quiet because I think I have it pretty good compared to the unemployed and the ones who discovered that they don't have medical insurance to cover an illness.
It is very tempting to close the door when you get home and pretend not to hear the wail of the police vehicle or the ambulance. I realize some people are helping other people because it is their job. Hey it isn't my job to save faceless strangers who don't understand what's going on. Or is it?
I realize that if it's my voice, just my voice, no body would care. Or would they? If I don't speak out then there would be silence. Soon other voices will fill it and my home isn't going to be the quiet place I once knew.

My View of Desktop Linux

The Linux community isn't a homogenous group with one need and one concept of how the desktop should look and feel. The great impetus like GNOME and KDE to create the linux desktop was born out of Microsoft's Windows' stranglehold on the PC. The great enemy is floundering now. Now what.
They are back in their own corners of the Linux world and feeling proud. They're saying they got the desktop they want and need already. It's going to take a couple of wild horses to drag these people out of their illusion. That change will eventually come is true. I applaud those people who see the coming storm and put out ideas. 
What we don't need are the attitude of "I'm the only answer you've got and you need". The Linux community is better than that.
Disclosure: I am a GNOME and Ubuntu user. (also an Archlinux user).

Thank You PC Depot

I had to bring my black box PC to PC Depot. My hard drives, three of them, are in trouble. My computer is unable to detect them. I guess I knew then they were shot. But all three, come on. It turns out my power supply box is also counting down its life. It brought the hard drive with it.
So I ordered a replacement for the power supply and upgraded the old 500 watts to 700 watts. I also replaced an old chassis fan. It kept stalling on me. I want a more reliable fan to cool the hard drives.
Finally, one of the Seagate hard drives is still under warranty and PC Depot just took it and promised they'll have a replacement within 2 to 3 weeks for me. They got my number and promised to send me notification. 
The other 1 TB Seagate hard drive is gone. I didn't buy this one from PC Depot so it's not their fault. 
I bought a new A4Tech webcam. All in all my bill totalled 1,950.00. 

I Killed One Hard Drive

One of my three hard drives (one PATA and two SATA) failed yesterday and I'm afraid it is a hopeless case now. My computer can't even detect its presence. I tried switching cables trying to diagnose what's wrong.

I have to make do with the two remaining hard drives. I had to make modifications with the partitions and /etc/fstab to make the changes smooth. Done.

The biggest loss is of course, the data lost. I have about 400 GB of files there. Mostly movies.