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Unattended Updates in Linux

Windows 10 forced updates is in the news and a senior CNET editor who
personally experienced the ordeal is encouraging others to share their
experience. I don't use Windows anymore. The last time I used MS Windows
Anything was around 2006. I switched to Linux in the desktop back in
2007 and I've been using Linux in servers before that. When I say use I
meant exclusively.

Not that I am against un-prompted updates, I do have automatic updates
turned on in my machines, desktops and servers. In Debian and Ubuntu
they call it unattended updates and as it is in the rest of Linux, I can
customize which packages are included or excluded. I can blacklist
certain packages not to update. It automatically checks for available
new versions of packages (software, apps) and I have it configured to
download and install them in the background. Yes in the background. It
is logged of course and an email sent out to my Gmail account. If
something fails to install I am also informed through email. None of my
work is interrupted.


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