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Super Tux Kart - Tied

I think this is only the second time it happened to me. Tied in a race.


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Update Gimp from 2.8 -->> 2.10

I just updated GIMP 2.8 to 2.10. Hey, dark theme!

GnuCash: Why I Like It And What Else Do I Want From It

GnuCash is free accounting software for personal and small business use. 
I'm a bookkeeper by training who got into computers early in my career. I was already handling financial books in my on-the-job course in college. Back when I'm still using pen and paper, the calculator is still on my desktop ( a real Casio calculator and a real desk). That summer job environment has gone the way of the dinosaur and the next year I was employed by a company with IBM machines and my journey in the world of computerized accounting started. Twenty-seven years on, my personal finances are in the hands of more powerful computers and certainly more ubiquitous applications.
I have been using GnuCash for two years to handle my small apartment rental business and my bank account. In addition to a desktop computer, I have an 8-inch tablet and my android smartphone. GnuCash can run on all these devices in varying form and features. I employ a cloud service to sync the data file on…