Booting: can't find 'linux', can't find 'initrd' Press any key when ready

I installed Fedora 23 alongside Ubuntu 16.04 on a dual boot configuration. Everything went fine until I reboot. I encounter this after the bios.

                         can't find 'linux'
                         can't find 'initrd'

                         press any key to continue...

Any option I choose, whichever operating system I click on it shows this text.

So I have to fix my GRUB. I tried to use my live CD of Ubuntu but my bios won't let me boot into it. So I pressed the DEL key to get into the ASUS motherboard bios set up. The good news is ASUS motherboards have never let me down. I'm on the bios set up trying to find which option will boot my USB device. Having found it, I boot into the installation media of Ubuntu 16.04. Now I can start fixing my GRUB. GRUB is the Grand Unified Bootloader. The problem here is that each distribution of linux modify their version of GRUB so they are now trying to compete with each other- Ubuntu's and Fedora's for the control of my computer. No, it's not as sinister as I make it sound like, but you get my point.

In the Ubuntu 16.04 installation media, where it let's you test drive their baby, I started the terminal and typed:

$sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair
#this is to install the repository for boot-repair

$sudo apt install -y boot-repair
#to install boot-repair

Super-key+A to start boot-repair.

By the way, the live CD version of Ubuntu runs in memory, so once you end your session, any changes, any files you created while doing your business disappears.

It is working now. If you get a different result, running boot-repair gives you a pastebin URL. Do take note of it. You can email for support to: Be sure to link your email to the pastebin URL.

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