Not The Way I Roll

Gmail offers you to configure your Inbox by activating tabs. I have my Inbox show starred, draft and a custom label by default. It is getting crowded if you ask me. So I tried it Google's way. When I went and clicked that cog icon, it gave me options to turn on the tabs feature. It has a set name for the tabs, Social, Promotions and Forums. These are the options for me, I don't know what the feature is offering for others. I suppose it is part of the personalization of the email.

I tried it for a while but I just had to turn it off and go back to my old Inbox. Why. First I could not change the name of the tabs. I suppose because Google itself chooses which email goes to what tab. For me, that's more inboxes, more complications, more trouble in finding my email. No.

Second, navigating to the tab I want to browse isn't as fast as before. It wasn't more convenient. I use keyboard shortcuts and not the mouse. I suppose if you were a "mouse person" you would find this more to your liking.

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