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This note is prompted by Canonical announcing the shutdown of UbuntuOne-file-sync-service. I think they are giving users until May 2014 to grab their data. I have no other option but use GDrive.

Also I’m tidying up the file structure of my GDrive so I’ll have an easier time using it now. I’m making this document the first one I am making and saving for the year 2014. Maybe I’ll have a luckier road with GDrive as my online storage. I still am looking for a tool to synchronize the folder in my local file structure with GDrive. So far I’ve installed insync but on a trial basis. I don’t think I like it when a service gives me 15 days to make up my mind.

So for the time being the only reliable tool in my desktop is Dropbox.

I’m still using Ubuntu 13.10 saucy salamander even as Ubuntu 14.04 is fast coming the stable version this month. Some are already using this LTS version because it is so stable.

I’m leaning towards using the GNOME Ubuntu 14.04 because without UbuntuOne and my growing dependence on GDrive, it would be better to use the GNOME desktop with its closer integration with Google Documents.

I am still trying out some other alternatives. I’ve dropped insync. I have grive, open-source but command line only. It doesn’t have auto-detect changes. But it works fast. I have SME=storagemadeeasy which is like a blanket service with 5 GB of storage and you can add other storage providers like dropbox and Google Drive.

SME is a really exciting service to have but the details. What SME does is put file links in your hard drive so working with them in your desktop is very slow. It means every time you access the file, save and edit it, you work with your network connection. Desktop applications gray out indicating it is waiting for a process to end or to hand over data. The work around here is to download the file to your hard drive and then open it with your desktop application. But then you would have to save that file on the cloud folder to sync it with the service. It could be made more elegant.

I like that SME is open source. It works with docx, open document format. It works with other cloud service providers. I can view my dropbox files and Google Drive files from the SME-file-folder. If you prefer to use your browser, everything is in the SME dashboard. In fact, it is faster and more intuitive to use the SME dashboard. I can imagine this to be very useful to ChromeOS users. Or to users who are at home in the cloud than their desktops.

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