Theme Issues In Key Applications In Ubuntu 14.04

I am experiencing issues in Firefox, Thunderbird, Chromium-browser, LibreOffice Suite and Gnucash failing to use Ubuntu Unity's Ambiance theme, its default theme. I have tried both the 32 bit and 64 bit and both confirms this bug. It seems like this is not isolated to Ubuntu but is also reported in Mint and OpenSuse.

Thunderbird 24.4

Firefox 28.0

LibreOffice Calc

As opposed to Rhythmbox which is using the correct theme elements for Ubuntu Unity


This is a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04. Other than the obvious aesthetic inconsistencies, none of the applications affected show any other bugs.

Update: In the interest of fairness, I have reboot my Ubuntu 14.04 and all the applications above mentioned are using the Ambiance Theme for now. I don't know what is happening here. But it seems to me that the system sometimes fails to wait until every piece of software is ready to go.

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