Settled Down On My Ubuntu 14.04 (for now)

I did not upgrade to 14.04. I made the decision to make a clean install instead.

That bug report in launchpad is still there. I am unable to upgrade because the upgrade-tool is unable to calculate the upgrade path. It could be that I have PPA's and I use third party software (who doesn't?) and finally I have a cutting edge PPA of the latest open source graphics driver. Any of these things might be the culprit.

So I bought me a new shiny USB stick (flashdrive says the saleslady), 8GB for 550php at the local cellphone shop. I used the startup disk creator application which makes this job a pleasure. I want to shift my desktop from 32-bit to 64-bit, so I copied the amd64 version of Ubuntu 14.04. Please check if your processor support this.

After twenty minutes I am booting to my fresh Ubuntu 14.04 desktop.

I did have to download Skype and my business applictions GnuCash. I had to check Software Channels to allow me to download Skype.

Firefox crashed and asked me if I want to make a crash report which I did.

The sound in Ubuntu 14.04 is fantastic. I am in tears, really guys. Thank you.

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