Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lost My Google Account; Recovered My Google Account

I lost my passwords for everything that needs a login last Sunday. I was
reinstalling my operating system and deleted my data partition in the
process. I have a backup for the core files in Dropbox. I also lost my
password for Dropbox.

So if I want a password reset for my Dropbox account, they'll send it to
my emails, right. Except I can't open any of my emails because i lost
all my passwords.

I keep all my passwords in an encrypted file in the data partition and I
keep a synchronized link to Dropbox.

I filled up the Google Account Recovery form page. It asked me some
questions about my account so I can prove or provide proof that I own
that email. I had to create a new email account so they can communicate
with me.

It took 2 days for the Google team to provide a reset link in this email
that I can access.

So thank you Google team, this story ended happily.
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