Dogs: Song Review - The Review Part

Dogs by Pink Floyd, written by Roger Waters and David Gilmour is the first part of this blog post about the song "Dogs". I remember a classmate back in highschool who did a paper on dogs, the real ones, but that's another topic. I heard he's doing it and I thought that he's jumping this song review forty years later in some sort of time warp effect. But I'm doing it now and I'm not stoned and I'm not flying through time. I am standing firmly on the ground, "ground down in the end" as the song goes.

I find the world as pictured by "Dogs" as terrible as any dystopian writer can imagine. "If you have to be trusted by the people you lie to", just to "get the chance to put the knife in"? Whatever happened to dogs are man's best friend? No doubt how disturbing the world is in this song, when "you gotta keep one eye looking over your shoulder". The over powering paranoia is well established and strengthened by the music of Pink Floyd. 

Even the original title says it all - "You've Gotta Be Crazy". It seems like it's making you question reality. When you think everything is going south and crazy, are you the only sane person here? It has commentary on regimentation and breaking away from peer pressure. It has some words on following orders and its awful consequences.

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