The Find Command And the Apple Lossless Audio Codec

This began when I was listening to Rhythmbox over night. I listened to
music to sleep last night. I do it sometimes. But Rhythmbox stopped on a
particular album. I was listening Slowdive's Souvlaki and it would not
play any of the tracks. They're in .m4a format, otherwise referred to as
ALAC - Apple Lossless Audio Codec. Now there are other tracks in .m4a
format but Rhythmbox can play them. No problem.

A-P-P-L-E--damn you and DRM!

So like those people trooping to airports because of Trumps executive
orders, I just can't sleep. Not after reading about the 5 year old boy
separated from his mother at the airport for hours.

I opened the terminal and I want to list all the music tracks I have
that are in .m4a format. Most of what i listen to nowadays are in mp3's
or in ogg.

$find ~/Music -name *.m4a

There's about three artists and their albums in there that are in .m4a
format that refuses to play. No I won't surrender that quickly. So I
opened the tracks one by one in Audacity. I then exported the track from
ALAC to ogg, one click per track. This fight is worth it.
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