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Kim Davis Is Not A Martyr

Kim Davis is the Rowan county clerk from Kentucky who refuses 
to issue marriage licenses after the Supreme Court of the United
States ruled to recognize gay marriages. There were others who 
sought clarification from the courts about that ruling. Kim Davis
challenged the court's order for her to resume issuing marriage
licenses. Finally, a federal judge ordered her jailed for contempt of
court when she still refuses to follow the court. 

No doubt, Kim Davis is standing firm on her principles. 

But she's not a martyr. Nobody is persecuting her or people standing
up for their principles. She has a position, an elected position. Those
who put her in that position wants her to do her job. She has injected
her personal religious beliefs into her job. and worse, she refuses to 
do her job. 

When ordinary workers do their jobs poorly, they get fired. When 
elected officials don't do their jobs, they get impeached. That will 
cost taxpayers delay and money. For the couples who wanted to
get married, gay or not, Kim Davis put their lives on hold. 

If you are going to argue that Kim Davis has a moral right to do 
what she did then let me ask you this. If I convert to Islam and 
somebody put me in charge of issuing driver's licenses in the DMV,
would you support me if I refuse to issue driver's licenses to women?
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