Iglesia Ni Cristo, EDSA and Justice

Politicians are always willing to buy votes. They can do it with cash or the expression
of their opinions. Obviously they would rather express and part with their opinions
since they love their cash more. 

Religions have their hands all over politics. Kings were heads of churches and Popes 
anoint Kings if you remember history. Last week, the Iglesia Ni Cristo, occupied EDSA
and stopped traffic for hours. They have a permit given them by the city of Mandaluyong
signed by Mayor Abalos. Filipinos who use this highway were angered and took to the
social media. The Iglesia Ni Cristo wants the investigation by the Department of Justice
to stop. This investigation started with an alleged detention and kidnapping of members
of Iglesia Ni Cristo by its leader. Secretary Leila de Lima rightfully, investigates any 
crime reported by citizens of this country. 

Should government keep its distance from matters of faith as the Iglesia Ni Cristo wants
it to do? Did the leader of Iglesia Ni Cristo illegally detained and kidnapped some of its
members? Netizens who quickly took to their social media accounts certainly believe that
they had been kept away from using EDSA. These people believe they were detained from
going home. They were delayed and inconvenienced, denied access to a public road by a
group who wants something from the government. 

I am not a lawyer but detention and kidnapping are serious crimes. Justice must take its
course. Politicians notwithstanding, justice should move blind and slow but right. 
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