Cutting Down Trees

The neighbors are cutting branches off their tree. A couple who lived at least
fifty years are trying with ladder and rope to climb and trim their tree. The man 
climbed twenty feet and is shouting instructions to his wife down on the ground.
I'm next door well next yard and listening to my collection of BestEverAlbums. 
Every now and then, words would come raining down, loud and unclear. I think 
they were in German, I'm not sure. 

Some words speak for themselves, some I just guess the meaning from 
context. He wasn't angry just loud. 

He tied this rubber hose up twenty feet to the branch and somebody is 
tugging at the end on the ground. I guess she's his wife. He's up the tree with
a saw. An hour later, the words are getting desperate and futile. The tree would
not give away its branch. The morning goes to noon now and the midday 
temperature moves to 32 degrees. I'm sweating in the shade. 

He is loud again. The sun goes full bore and the branch creeks ready to break. 
The leaves move down slowly, as if to cushion the fall.  

The wife wants to see some sky from the patio. 

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