Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Evolution: View By Conversation or Thread

I notice many Ubuntu forum members are asking about this.  If you're using Gmail you should be familiar with messages viewed as conversation.  When the same message is sent back and forth by the same parties then it's a conversation and it forms a thread.  Most Gmail users who would be using Evolution as a desktop client will look for this feature in Evolution.  It's a feature you will certainly miss.

To enable this in Evolution just go to your keyboard and hit cntrl+T.  If you want to use your mouse then just click View>Group by Threads. 

I don't know how many Evolution users are Gmail users.  I don't know how many Evolution users are going to agree with me if I suggest that Evolution enable this feature by default.  But I am sure the Evolution developers have heard this suggestion before. 

Linux being all about choice, should provide an opt-out when it makes something the default.

It's just that I am arguing that email isn't just electronic mail but a conversation.  The default behaviour should be group by thread and the feature doesn't belong under 2 layers of mouse commands.
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