Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Thunderbird Saving Drafts Encrypted

The difference between using Thunderbird and using Evolution Mail client in Linux is for me in saving email drafts.

I compose emails and often save them first and get back to them a few hours afterwards. It gives me time to think about what I'm going to say and not be hasty especially if it's an important correspondence. In my blog posts, I compose them as email posts first. This also gives me time to edit them many times before I post them in my website. These cautious behavior should be standard practice but a lot of people regard emails as nothing more than short messaging, quick and short, shoot from hip things. If you are using Gmail's web email interface, the whole design is premised on such regard from email users now.

Now back to the difference I mentioned. Thunderbird saves drafts encrypted by default. Evolution has no feature to make this easy. Of course by encrypting drafts, Thunderbird "owns" them. You can only open and edit them in Thunderbird (or email clients that can decrypt Openpgp). I'm trying to find ways to get this feature in Evolution Mail. So far I am failing.

So what is the issue in not being able to encrypt draft messages? If you're using Gmail, like I do, Evolution Mail defaults to saving drafts in Gmail drafts folder, in other words, in Gmail servers. I would appreciate my draft messages be in a secure and private storage and encrypting them is a very good solution. So what I am saying here is this is a win for Thunderbird. I hope to see this feature in Evolution Mail in the future since they already have support for Openpgp.

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